Why the *Magic Bullet Myth* Kills Your Success

There's a myth out there that we're constantly being sold... and it can be super-hard to resist.

But it is also very costly - in time, money and joy - if we keep buying into it. 😥

I'm talking about the Magic Bullet Myth!!


There are 3 ways I believe it kills your success and happiness.

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Magic Bullet:

'A quick and simple solution to life's difficult problems.'


I remember, back at music college, wishing that I had a patron or sponsor or something (the details were unclear.)

Someone who would believe in me wholeheartedly, sweep away all my fears and doubts, introduce me to all the right people, get me playing opportunities and the resulting contracts, money and recognition.

What a fabulous FANTASY...  And it never happened (of course).

More - literally - buying into the Magic Bullet Myth

Over the years I have bought into programs and into promises with the idea that THIS WILL SAVE ME, for once and for all. And will bring me success and happiness.

I'm pretty sure you're able to relate! And also agree with me that this leads to 3 big problems.😣

You end up feeling...
1. Scattered and distracted.
The so-called 'shiny object syndrome', which keeps you chasing and looking outside yourself for that fulfilment, avoiding settling down to what you can be doing.

2. Disappointed and duped.
Disappointed, even angry, at yourself and others, and the world in general. This can lead to cynicism, doubt and distrust. Not a good place to create and operate from.

3. Un-motivated with low self-esteem.
With a sense that you are somehow 'getting it wrong', that there is something flawed within you, that once again you've notched up another bit of evidence that you are not good enough.😯

Uugh, these are awful, and they just keep adding up as time goes on.

Unfortunately, and of course you know this already, there is no 'one and done'.

And ironically, the more we are putting ourselves out there, searching for new ways to connect and shine in the world, the more it will challenge us!

So, forget the Magic Bullet Myth and focus on finding the tools you need to deal with those challenges. To get unstuck and/or to pick ourselves up and get back into the game.

Here's the good news! With an arsenal of tools and techniques, and ways to 'keep calm and carry on', it turns out that YOU ARE THE MAGIC BULLET'!! The power has been within you all along. ✨🎉

Let me know your Magic Bullet thoughts and stories! Comment below!

Have a powerful week!


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