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I used to believe I wasn't creative. Even though I was a trained musician and had a desire to write and make new things.
I did a LOT of tapping around my own creativity...and ended up making 2 CDs, several online courses, writing a book, making Youtube videos, and all the images for my website and courses! This stuff works!
A Einstein, Creativity

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Tap with topics such as: No deadline; The world needs you!; Engage, don't prove; Abandoning your creations; Biting off more than you can chew; Permission to create; A creative challenge; Fear of success; Is it too late?; No mistakes allowed; and many others.
21 videos to help you clear your way to your creativity.


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Here's what previous course members have to say about 21 Days of Tapping into Your Creative Self:

What I’m finding cool in this new chance to tap every day is that I sometimes listen to the intro without being able to pick anything specific—or anything at all—that’s bothering me. Then I tap along anyway, and the serial yawning starts. Then my shoulders drop. Then some reframe lands, and I feel better and more connected to goodness and inspiration, all without having been too wound up before I started tapping. I’m approaching each session with curiosity because I know there’s going to be a jewel or two or twelve for me.

The series of positive statements at the end was very powerful—gonna have another listen and maybe write them down!

This was so beautiful. You are so eloquent, and you wove in such loving metaphors. I really, really loved this.❤️

So much gold here, truly a staple tapping session for any area of life!

Julie Mundt, Coach.


It's amazing how these videos are coinciding with my life right now. 

You really have a way if drawing things out into the open, Jenny. When I saw the title if this, I thought it wasn't for me, because all the people in my life have been super supportive. Then I realized...except one, and that is myself.

I really liked your assignment Jenny to write down the accomplishments.

You are adorable, Jenny! Thanks for the little dance! 👏🎉🤩💖🤗💜

Jean Dansak, Artist


This started as a strong 8, got down to 6 by the half-way mark; I discovered my fear of not-belonging is connected to this fear of making mistakes. By the time I finished the video, with a few pauses to tap around on my own phrasings, this issue was ... a non-issue! YAY!

So excited about breakthroughs to come, and to finding out how much more I can be and do as we go forward. Thanks Jenny for your really good work. 

Elaine H MacDonald, Writer


"I've got the desire and I'm going to follow through." Writing that at the top of my journal. This is all it boils down to. Thanks, Jenny!

Kara Madden, Educational Consultant


There is so much to think about with this video, Jenny. Thank you so much. I wasn't sure that it would apply to me as much as other videos have but I was wrong about that. I am so grateful now that I took the time to listen and tap with it tonight. 🙂

What a great video, Jenny! Even though I haven't tapped with it until this evening since I was busy during the day it is one I will work more with as the days unfold. Thank you so much! 🙂

Another great tapping video, Jenny! Thank you!

Susie Turner, Owner of Pegasus Magic


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