Do you struggle with putting yourself out there?

Copy of Tap into Your Visibility

Do you secretly know you could do more to...

  • Become more visible on - and off - line?
  • Take the steps you know you need to create success in your artistic career?
  • Create opportunities to be seen and heard - and make more money?
  • Feel fulfilled and excited in your profession?

You know what to do but you're just not doing it. Or you're not doing as much as you could... or should.

And you're driving yourself crazy!! It feels like you just can't break through the resistance and get unstuck.

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking, “Is it always going to be this hard? Surely there must be an easier way to do this!,” then keep reading this because...





Through weekly EFT Tapping/Energy Work sessions and weekly challenges ('Get ready, Clear the resistance and.... GO!') you will see a massive increase in how, and how often, you show up, and how you put yourself out there, AND you'll experience huge returns on that visibility investment.

With me, Jenny Clift, and a community of people on the same path, giving support, understanding, encouragement and accountability, ​you'll create huge success with more ease and joy than you could ever have imagined.


In REAL-TIME you'll

  • Discover the hidden thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back
  • Clear the underlying energy and emotions that block your progress
  • Take action right away to restart your momentum towards SUCCESS


How do I know that this stuff works?

Because I've seen it over and over in my own life, and for 100s of people who've worked with me and others, who, by clearing the energy, have cleared the pathway to their success.

If you have any questions about this energy stuff and how it will work for you, or any other questions let's jump on a quick call!

I've opened up my calendar - find your time and I look forward to connecting.

If I think I can help you, I’ll tell you. If I don’t think I can, I won’t try to sell you anything!

Here are the Nuts & Bolts:

On Zoom/Facebook (private group)

10 Group Sessions* -  The Group meets for 90 minutes of content, EFT Tapping, and discussion. All will be recorded and the replay made available shortly afterwards
*  New Dates APRIL 2023 TBA


  • Themes – Visibility; Money Blocks; Self-Confidence; Perfectionism; Imposter - Syndrome; Relating to Others etc: Uncover what's stopping you from becoming more visible 
  • Weekly Visibility Challenge (Take Action!) - real time actions to increase your momentum and leverage your success
  • Online Community: private Facebook group; do this along with a community of like-minded supportive poeple on the same path
  • Resources: Tapping scripts, Handouts, EFT Tapping resources to accelerate your healing and create lasting change
  • Bonus: PDF of my book ‘The Music Inside’ (inc. EFT Tapping resources, audio of the book, handouts etc.) for my story and lots of practical resources for your personal growth

Spaces are limited (maximum 20 people) so sign up NOW!

Added Bonus for fast sign-up:

  • 1 individual 45-minute session (first 7 people to sign up)


Your Investment for All of the Above: 


  • 10 Live Calls on Zoom (with replays, of course!)
  • Weekly 'Summary, Key Takeaways & Easy Recall' doc
  • Weekly Visibility Challenge
  • Private Facebook Community
  • All this and more!

BUY NOW. Spaces are limited, and the first 7 people to sign up - for either the Group or VIP options - get an extra FREE Individual 45-Minute Get-Visible Call with me.



  • 10 Live Calls on Zoom (with replays, of course!)
  • Weekly 'Summary, Key Takeaways & Easy Recall' doc
  • Weekly Visibility Challenge
  • Private Facebook Community
  • All this and more!
  • + 3 Individual Sessions with Jenny to go in deep together. Specifically on the blocks, patterns and obstacles to your success and joy as you strive to become more visible.


Do you have any questions?
Would you like to speak to me to find out if this is a fit?
Would a different payment plan be helpful?
Book your call using the button below and let's talk!

Here's what other musicians, stage artists and creatives are saying about working with Jenny:

I think you’re so amazing and you’ve changed my life so much. I don’t think I would still be a singer if I didn’t get to know you and work with you.

After each call I had the energy of ‘Everything’s possible!’ which is great.

I feel more energy, more explorative in my practicing and I really feel like I can attract new opportunities. The feeling in the beginning of being stuck has really shifted.

I appreciated the group energy, everybody sharing, being vulnerable and listening. Everybody’s input, and that I got to talk.

Lana H. - Fast Track to Fame Spring & Fall programs & individual sessions


I’ve loved working with you. I feel like I need to open myself up and being more free to working more on myself.

You have an incredible gift. You’ve help me relax and be more of myself. In our session together I let go of so much stuff and afterwards I felt really great, it just helped me tremendously.

You have a gift to connect with people and to know just the right thing to say in the right moment. It’s a great, genius talent that you’ve got.

Emmanuel F. - Fast Track to Fame group program & 1:1 sessions


I’ve been looking for you for a long time and didn’t even know it. It’s been a wild, wonderful journey, and there’s more to go!

My thinking has changed, now I have tools to use and I’m using them. I’m more able to quickly recognize what is my ‘stuff’ or what is about others.

I’ve been able to create healthy boundaries both in my personal and professional relationships and that is making a HUGE difference in my life.

Thank you so much Jenny, this work is so important.

Jennifer S. - Fast Track to Fame VIP Member