From stuck and frustrated to energized and fulfilled...

Or how I discovered the means to deep self-healing and success as a performer, as well as enhanced energy, confidence and creativity (and even a second career!)

Today my greatest joy is sharing the tools which help classical musicians & stage artists experience positive change and a sense of new possibility.

Here's how...

About Jenny

In the beginning...

I was a diplomat kid, living all over the world - France, England, Malaysia, China, Canada and Northern Ireland.

Music was always important in the family - my Mum is a trained pianist - and my sisters and I played the piano (with mixed success) and the whole family sang. (Car journeys were noisy!)

At boarding school in England I began playing the violin. At 13 years old I was a late starter, for sure, but I loved it (and my first violin teachers) and worked hard and went on to study performance at Trinity College of Music, London.

BUT...things didn't go so smoothly after that.

My violin professor and I just didn't get along. At. All.

Despite trying so hard to get on board with his methods - which included the first year of 'back to basics', with dry scales and studies and practically no music at all - I found my confidence eroding, and my belief in the dream of becoming a professional musician, fading rapidly.

I ended up dropping out of music college

(after squeaking through my Performer's diploma) and moved to Spain in a 'What do I do with my life now?' miserable moment.

Then followed a 10 year cycle of career changes; teaching English, then finding a new violin teacher who encouraged me to get back into violin freelancing - mainly orchestral gigs in and around Madrid - then, in a desire (and need!) to earn regular money, a focus more on violin teaching.

Which is when I discovered...

EFT Tapping

Even though my violin teaching studio was going great - and I was leading and performing with a semi-professional orchestra at the weekends - I was still hankering after my first love, playing and being on stage.

But I couldn't see past all my limiting beliefs - that I wasn't good enough, that there weren't the opportunities for me etc.

In desperation I reached out for solutions and discovered this slightly strange-looking technique - EFT (which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques) AKA Tapping.

Soon I began working online and in person with Brad Yates, an amazing, and very highly regarded, EFT life coach.

I was hooked!

Working with a coach, and using these energy techniques, triggered a period of career expansion and huge growth; I moved into increased orchestral performing; created violin videos and an online violin teaching course; founded a piano/string quartet and learnt how to get booked - and even paid - for concerts; started a violin and guitar duo, with whom I made two CDs; and even wrote and self-published a book - The Music Inside - about the whole process.


Using EFT tapping also increased my sense of self-worth, confidence and compassion, and really helped me to understand that there's always an underlying reason for how we act and react the way that we do.

And how changing those reasons - working from the inside out - can make ALL the difference to our success, wealth, and happiness.

Are you curious to know how EFT Tapping can benefit you?

But I wasn't done yet...

More training: Energy Psychology

After publishing my book, and connecting to many other people, I realized that I was far from alone with the kind of struggles I had been through.

I decided to become a coach - and specifically to use EFT and other energy techniques - as a way of helping other people who were also unhappy and unsatisfied in their lives and careers or who had particular challenges to face.

My year long Energy Psychology certification, with Dr. Dawson Church's EFT Universe, deepened my knowledge of the techniques and possibilities of energy healing and provided me with a solid background of information, resources and people.

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And the money piece...Tapping into Wealth

As I began my coaching business, combining it with my violin career, I discovered there was still an important missing piece of the!!

Especially around what stops us from earning great money doing what we love.

So I trained to become an authorized Tapping Into Wealth Coach (with Margaret M Lynch's amazing 10 month income increasing program) - diving in deep to the different aspects of our money, and the underlying blocks, beliefs and obstacles which limit our wealth and financial happiness.

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Today... working with Musicians & Stage Performers

I now have the honour and privilege of working online with many amazing musicians - singers, instrumentalists & actors, performers, educators & coaches - both individually and in groups.

My current offers include my Intro Tapping and  'Deep Dive' programs, and workshops like Busting Performance Anxiety, Break the Glass Ceiling, and Money Mindset for Musicians.

I also love being a guest in other people's group programs, studios and podcasts - introducing EFT and showing how tapping can benefit them and their people in this challenging field.

I am thrilled to be a part of the positive change in other people's lives.

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More resources - EFT Tapping Videos

EFT, in its most basic form, is so easy that you can use it on your own, but people often mention that they struggle to think of the 'right' words.

When you're looking for an energetic 'pick-me-up' and a look into the issues you're experiencing (without going in as deeply as you would with the support of a coach) tapping along with a video can be really helpful and you'll find lots of them on my YouTube Channel.

Working with 100s of people I realized that any issue brings up a lot of different emotions, beliefs and memories that  limit our success and happiness. So I went even further and created a series of 21 Days of Tapping Video Programs.

Borrowing the concept of taking 21 days to create a new habit, I started creating short (5-10 minute) tapping videos, to encourage people to do daily tapping, clear old 'stuff', and create a much better life.

My pilot series, 21 Days of Tapping for Solopreneurs, is available for free here and on my Youtube channel, Jenny Clift Coaching.

My most recent 21 Day Series is Tapping to Become a Fear-Free Musician where we focus on different challenges you may be facing, both on and off stage. Aspects of:
⚡️ Performance Anxiety
⚡️Career Concerns
⚡️Unhelpful Habits
⚡️ Other people

For info about my other 21 Day programs (Quit a Bad Habit,  Your Creative Self & Embrace Happiness) - and if they'd be a good fit for you, book a free 20 minute Tapping Discovery Call with me and let's chat!