21 Days of Tapping for Solopreneurs



Setting up our business on our own - as a Solopreneur - creates a crazy mixture of excitement and fear.


We find ourselves moving forward only to come up against a lot of inner resistance and outer difficulties - then we get stuck and discouraged and get off track.

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My intention with these 21 Days of Tapping is to help you feel understood and validated, and to know that you are not alone in your challenges and struggles. And then to feel empowered and excited about what you are doing.

And by creating a daily tapping habit you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of joy and success - that is my ultimate desire for you.

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''I just wanted to let you know that I am watching and tapping with these videos - I think they are awesome and that you've really nailed entrepreneurs' fears and insecurities to a T!''

Lauren A. Owner of 'Spanish Sabores'


''I am LOVING the videos One question- how did you get inside my head? LOL!''

Kara M, Educational Consultant

Course content and samples:

Dragging your feet and procrastinating about getting on with things? Try this tapping to help change the energy and feel really good and super-productive.

DAY 2 - Solopreneurs

The fear of being critized stops so many of us from sharing what we have to offer the world. Tap with me to clear this and feel confident and on purpose.

DAY 3 - Solopreneurs

When taking action do you ever catch yourself thinking 'What's the point? Let's tap and change our reasons for taking action, and make it much easier to keep going and achieve success.

DAY 4 - Solopreneurs

When you share something with the world how long does it take the ugly inner voices to start ranting at you? Let's clear this self-talk and move forward much more easily and joyfully.

DAY 5 - Solopreneurs

When we set a goal and start taking action it can get frustrating when we don't see the results quickly. Let's tap to clear our emotions and move into a more patient frame of mind.

Do you ever get stuck trying to decide your next move in creating your business? Well, when in doubt, tap! Let's clear the emotions and the resistance with EFT Tapping.

DAY 7 - Solopreneurs

Do the words Business Plan strike horror in your heart? Do you resist and just float from day to day? Let's clear some of that resistance and then get your plan down on paper!

DAY 8 - Solopreneurs

This is a fun tapping round to call in 10 fabulous, highly motivated, wonderful new clients. We'll clear any resistance or fears and get in a great place for receiving. 🙂

DAY 9 - Solopreneurs

Are you mad at yourself for wasting the whole morning? Tap with me to clear this energy and get to a place where you can resume productivity and feel great!

DAY 10 - Solopreneurs

Use this mini-visualization - with a twist! - to make your day-to-come fantastic and super-productive. No tapping, but this great exercise which I learnt at a Byron Katie silent retreat.

DAY 11- Solopreneurs

Are you resisting creating your website? Does it feel too hard? Does it make you feel vulnerable? Let's tap so that we can feel really good about sharing what we have to offer with the world.

When you have to send that email, make that phone call, go to that networking event, just how much fear comes up for you? Let's clear it and then do a positive round to call in courage.

DAY 13 - Solopreneurs

Do you look at what others are doing and compare your own progress?
Use EFT tapping with me to clear this pattern and feel much better about yourself and others.

DAY 14 - Solopreneurs

So you have a service or product to share...but can't make up your mind what's the 'right' amount to ask. Let's tap and see if we can get comfortable with the number we choose.

DAY 15 - Solopreneurs

Is technology getting you down? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges it presents? EFT helps to clear our emotions and energy so that we can call in a much smoother ride.

DAY 16 - Solopreneurs

Do you look at the tasks ahead of you and say 'I'm really not in the mood' ? Let's tap to change our energy so we can feel much better and get things done!

Are you struggling to find the time to dedicate to growing your business (or whatever else is important to you)? Clear the thoughts that stop you from being able to move forward.

DAY 18 - Solopreneurs

We want success in our business but the fear of 'I won't be able to handle it' comes up loud and strong. Let's clear that fear and redefine success and share what we have to offer with the world..

DAY 19 - Solopreneurs

You may have heard of the 'success thermostat' and how we stop ourselves from having too little or too much. Let's stop freaking ourselves out and feel great as we grow our business.

DAY 20 - Solopreneurs

Do you resist being strategic? Are you happy to create programs, services or products but then fail to leverage them? Let's tap so we can give and receive maximum benefit from our work.

DAY 21 - Solopreneurs

Isn't it fabulous when a great opportunity shows up 'out of the blue'? Clear the beliefs of 'that won't happen for me' and get into a great new energy of receiving.

Brilliant Jenny! So useful....thank you so much!!''

Sandra SB, Dance School Owner  and Life Coach


Oh what a morning! Just the right tapping for me today Jenny. Thanks!!

Marisa Elizundia, Mananging Director, Live Your Brand