• As a musician or stage artist do you ever battle with self-confidence and self-doubt?
  • Are you haunted by memories of unsympathetic teachers or horrific performances?
  • Do you suffer from performance anxiety before auditions, competitions, or important gigs?

If so, you are not alone. I understand the challenges that come with being a musician and creative professional.

Welcome to Jenny Clift Coaching, where I offer energy performance coaching for musicians, stage artists, and creatives.

My goal is to help singers, instrumentalists, performers, coaches, and solo-preneurs tap into wealth, success, balance, joy, and inner peace.



✅ Create the mindset needed for good practice AND great performance
✅ Calm the 'fight or flight' fear response & step onstage without nerves
✅ Understand and bridge the energy gap from practice to performance and show up exactly as you need



Hi, my name is Jenny Clift, and I'm a professional violinist and EFT Tapping Coach.

I work online with musicians, including classical instrumentalists, opera singers, and guitarists, as well as stage artists from all over the world.

My goal is to help individuals make their dreams come true and actually enjoy the dream.

My musical career was one of starts and stops, but, like so many of us, it always came back to my desire to perform and share my music with the world.

I was lucky enough, along the way, to discover an amazing technique called EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - or Tapping, which helped me from the inside out. With this technique and working with a coach, I saw incredible growth in my own professional career.

So, what exactly is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an Energy Healing Technique that uses acupressure points, similar to acupuncture. Instead of sticking needles into yourself, you tap on your face and body to stimulate the points.

While doing so, you talk about the issue you are experiencing, and this focus, along with the tapping, helps to clear the energy and heal the associated emotions, limiting beliefs, and memories, allowing you to move forward with ease and joy.

How does EFT Tapping work?

And who’s using EFT Tapping?

In the world of top-level sports, expert coaching is a given.

And in an area where performance edge is everything, new techniques, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are being embraced.

  • Olympian sprinters have been seen tapping on acupressure points before races.
  • Baseball players use it to get calm and focused before a game.
  • Top level golfers use EFT to cut strokes off their game, to calm their nerves and steady their hands.
  • International football players use Tapping to get back on the field after injury faster than the competition.
  • Actors, instrumentalists, and singers are starting to benefit from a technique that helps to calm anxiety, cope with the pressures, and even re-wire the brain for success.

Can you see how this can be applied to YOU as a musician?

If you're interested in learning more about how Energy Performance Coaching can help you, please book a free call today.

I have helped numerous clients, including Julia Radosz, a soprano and founder of Voice with Julia, who found this work transformational in her life, not just as a singer but as a whole person.

Sandra Janke, a career and business mentor for singers and an operatic-mezzosoprano, found that working with me changed her mind about using these techniques, and she saw her business grow through the roof.

I am passionate to help you overcome your limitations and achieve success in your musical career.

Want to learn how EFT Tapping can help you?

Let's chat! Book a free Tapping Discovery Call with me and discover how my work can benefit you. We'll explore your questions and experience the power of tapping together.

My work with Jenny has been so transformational in my life, not just as a singer, but as a whole person.

Through our work together, I have broken down so many unconscious barriers to realizing my value and gaining new confidence to make important life decisions.

As a singer, EFT has helped me immensely, from relieving physical tensions in my body, to focusing my mind for performance.

I highly recommend the Deep-Dive program with Jenny Clift. For me, it is an essential practice for my artistry & my life.

Julia Radosz, Soprano & Founder of Voice With Julia.

Before working with Jenny, I felt often lonely with my decisions as a fast growing business owner.

Jenny gave me so much confidence and helped me step into my zone of genius and overcome my own limitations.

I tried to tap by myself and I couldn't make myself do it. I couldnt see any results. Working with her 1:1 changed my mind about tapping. I saw myself growing and my business going through the roof.

Jenny supported me through my big launch and -oh my gosh- I am so grateful. She was a big part of the puzzle for me stepping up and having the biggest launch ever.

Sandra Janke, Career & Business Mentor for Singers, Mezzosoprano.

My wish for you...

‘For many years I struggled so hard, and the violin was a source of great frustration instead of joy.

What I discovered was that change – real, lasting, do-able, sustainable change – must come from the inside out.

It’s no good always battling, always on the verge of quitting, missing opportunities and failing.

And it’s equally heart-breaking to be living the dream in fear – fear of ‘You’re only as good as your last gig’ – and hurt; ‘Everybody else gets the chances, the support, the rewards, the limelight.’

I’ve created my coaching business to help you - and others like you – to live your dream and love your life.

My wish for you is to aim high, to have a vision, to take action towards that vision, and to know that to have an inescapable burning desire to succeed as a creative is proof enough that this is your road that must be travelled.'

Your next steps...

Go HERE for my current coaching options.

EFT Coaching for Musicians & Stage Performers

There are multiple ways we can work together -

⭐️ Join one of my group programs - THE FEARLESS ARTIST  and Tap into Your Visibility. Email me at jenny@jennyclift.com for information about the next start dates.

⭐️ Individually with my Intro Tapping Programs or by taking a Deep Dive with me. If you want to create BIG, LASTING changes in your life - get on a call with me to find out availability and if these programs are a fit for you. Schedule your free Discovery Call HERE.

⭐️ Through my group programs & workshops (The 100,000 Dollar Artist, Busting Performance Anxiety, Break the Glass Ceiling, Money Mindset for Musicians etc.) Email me for details.

⭐️ Having me as a guest to introduce EFT Tapping in your studio, program or podcast and show how this tool can benefit your people.

(And they'll get so much more out the work you do with them as they let go of the fears and doubts and limiting beliefs that slow them down!)


''I work with groups of adult musicians, and Jenny’s sessions have been invaluable to my groups.  

Having a safe space to acknowledge feelings of stress, inadequacy, fear, and tension is a remarkable thing, and Jenny’s straightforward explanations and empathetic coaching really helped us to work through some of these feelings.

My participants were for the most part not familiar with EFT, but Jenny brought them along easily, and several had meaningful breakthroughs that they are STILL talking about.''

Jennet Ingle, Oboist, reedmaker, educator, creator of The Invincible Oboist Program

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I understand that every person's journey is unique and has its own particular twists and turns.
Please feel free to message or call me with any specific concerns - for example if you are not a musician but are drawn to this work, let's chat!

I'm looking forward to seeing the breakthroughs and success that are ahead for you!

Jenny Clift - Energy Performance Coach
Madrid, Spain