Goalsetting Made Easy

Goalsetting Made Easy

As a long-term resistor to creating goals, visions, dreams for myself, I have focused a lot of my time on goalsetting made easy!

The fact is, for freelancers, musicians, solopreneurs, anyone self-employed or self-directed, goalsetting can bring up a lot of negative emotions and self-talk.

Ranging from 'I have no idea what to aim for' to 'What's the point?' to 'I didn't achieve my goals the last time' to 'Who do I think I am to set big goals?'

With the accompanying negative feelings of despair, lethargy, disappoingment and even shame.

And self-sabotaging behaviours such as procrastination, comparison, perfectionism and negative self-talk. Uugh.

So why even bother to set goals?

Well, goals are helpful in so many ways:

  • They act as a 'North Star' - follow to achieve your dreams
  • They aid productivity like nothing else
  • They help you to be strategic and direct your efforts wisely
  • They give you a sense of purpose and satisfaction

There are 4 times when goalsetting made easy comes to the fore in my life, and for many others too:

  • At the New Year
  • Once a week (my weekly review)
  • Halfway through the year
  • When I begin a new program with clients

These are the 3 techniques which I have refined over the years and use regularly to help me get those goals down on paper!

  1. EFT Tapping to clear my resistance and the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, memories and feelings that show up and stop me.
  2. MindMapping - which I use any time I have to write something - from blogs to goals, to Christmas letters to my entire book, (The Music Inside)!
  3. The Plus/Minus/Next system of Weekly Review.

The first of these, EFT Tapping, is an incredibly effective, scientifically-proven technique to uncover, heal and clear the emotional and energetic blocks that get in your way to creating your best life - including external and internal success, wealth and happiness.

Here is a specific Tapping Round to get you started! This will help you in several ways:

  • Tapping on acupressure points brings down cortisol, the stress hormone
  • You will rewire your brain as you interrupt the fight or flight nervous-system mechanism
  • Voicing the negative thoughts and feelings allows us to process them quickly and effectively. It feels counterintuitive but you will find yourself able to feel much more excited about your possibilities and what you allow for yourself

Tap along with me following round the points and speaking the words out loud for yourself - you can even change the words to make them exactly right for you!

The 2nd technique, MindMapping is one that I use every time I have to write something (yup, I used it for this!)

Check out my previous blog Goal-setting With a Mind-Map for instructions!

I will write about technique #3, the Plus/Minus/Next Weekly Review System in a future blog.

For now, would you like to Tap and Goalset with me?

Join me next July 11th, 2024 for my FREE EFT Tapping/Goal-Setting Thru MindMapping, 60-Minute WORKSHOP MAKE 2024 (EVEN) BETTER!

We'll clear any resistance you may be feeling, and you'll create your own mindmap in real time and come away with clear goals to help you to make the rest of the year truly productive and effective!

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