Tapping into Wealth Individual Program


Are you stuck financially? Are you feeling worried and stressed out? Are you struggling to make money easily and joyfully?

It’s not your fault!!!

What if I told you that you’re carrying hidden programming that is specifically blocking your money and your wealth, and literally setting the level of your income, your savings, and the amount of debt that you have in your life? Would you want to uncover that?

Through my Financial Tapping program, based on my Tapping into Wealth training with Margaret M. Lynch, we will explore what’s stopping you from achieving the money and the success you desire, clear those blocks, and allow you to move forward into your much better life.


And I would LOVE to help you create an amazing career and life!

If you want 1 to 1 support, fast-track progress and in-depth sessions tailored to your exact needs, my Tapping into Wealth coaching program is for you.

What you get:
1 complimentary Clarity call
8 x 1 on 1 online sessions, with recordings and customized tapping scripts, exercises, other homework etc; email support

Individual online sessions (60 minutes) over 3 months – we’ll cover a LOT of things like:

Your Confidential Money Map.

Together we’ll explore the different areas of your money, how each one plays out in your life (the Mind-Body-Money connection running your nervous system), and learn an amazing cutting edge technique (EFT Tapping) to start clearing that feeling of ‘It’s not enough’.

Your Family Paradigm.

Do you play small in your money or go through a continual, frustrating ‘boom and bust’ cycle – making money and then losing it all again?

Discover where these unhelpful patterns and beliefs come from and what is really driving you at a subconscious level and break the pattern and create real wealth.

Your Outrageous Goals.

Do you hate setting goals because they seem impossible anyway and make you feel awful? Find out what the real benefits of Outrageous Goals are and follow a step by step process for creating your meaningful financial goal which will inspire and motivate you.

Past Goal and Financial Trauma

You may avoid any kind of goal setting and not even know where the hidden fears, self-doubt – not trusting yourself or others –  negative energy and even shame come from. Uncover and clear what is stopping you from believing in yourself and start to progress confidently towards a fabulous future.

Your Hidden Vows

Do you hit a wall when you contemplate marketing yourself, networking, talking to potential clients or customers on the phone or putting yourself out there? Understand and clear what is stopping you from shining the light of your own brilliance and amazingness even more brightly.

Your Hidden Agendas and Retrain Your Brain to Celebrate Progress

Do you tend to self-sabotage, talk yourself out of your dreams and go into a backwards spiral? Do you tell yourself you don’t deserve them anyway, aren’t good enough etc? Learn techniques to keep on track, benefit from support and accountability, understand what you unconsciously attach to your success and keep on clearing what comes up so you ACHIEVE YOUR DESIRES AT LAST!!!


Contact me for your complimentary Clarity call and let's talk about how I can support you in clearing your money blocks and limiting beliefs and achieve the wealth and success you truly desire.