Barbara Scalera

Corporate Trainer. Owner of

"I’m thrilled to say that after working with Jenny my business is going from strength to strength.

It’s been a wonderful experience and I have her to thank for really identifying and releasing the blocks that I didn’t realize were there and would not have discovered without her.

I can highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for more confidence and to show up in a bigger, more powerful way."

Lucy Rinaldi

Financial Advisor, Lasker Foundation

"Jenny's coaching really helped me clarify my thinking and move forward quickly in my life goals

I used Jenny as a personal coach to help me gain direction and perspective in laying out my medium term goals and mapping a path towards reaching them.


I found her to be thoughtful and helpful in clarifying my ideas. Her positive and supportive style made me feel that I could safely state my dreams and then see a way to reach them. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to make a change in their life, no matter how big or small."

Catherine van Royen

Coach and Energy Healer. Owner of

"Without Jenny I would never have found the root cause of my problem and would probably still be stuck.

I did tapping sessions with Jenny when I felt overwhelmed and stuck by the amount of work to do in creating my new coaching practice.
I experienced Jenny as very present, very understanding, very loving and very perceptive.
When working with her, she knew how to dig deep to uncover the truly underlying emotions of my overwhelm. It turned out this had nothing to do with the business. It was about old unresolved emotions, which were coming up in the process of grounding my new practice.
I am so grateful for Jenny helping me move through and let go of these difficult emotions. I have experienced her work as very deep and effective and her presence as very safe."

Claudia Svartevoss

Author and owner of Impact Bee, website Design

"I cannot believe how effective these sessions have been, in such a short time!

Although I was skeptical at first, Jenny completely sold me on the EFT process. Using it in our sessions has been amazing. She's helped me clear old limiting beliefs I didn't even know I had before our calls together.
She provided a friendly environment where I felt I could talk openly about exactly how I was feeling, without the fear of being judged.​
From there I was able to work on my plans and goals and start taking action right away, something I wouldn't have done so easily before. ​
I now feel inspired and confident to pursue my new online website business."

Elaine H MacDonald

Novelist and Online Marketer

"Perhaps the best thing about working with Jenny is that she combines an encouraging, inspiring attitude with a lot of solid knowledge and experience

I loved Jenny's book, The Music Inside, so much so that I took her advice: I plotted out a One Year Action Plan and took her good advice to "Get a Coach!" Who better as a coach than Jenny herself?
I felt that she really understood my struggle, and she was able to give me specific small steps to take. Perhaps "small steps" isn't quite right the right term, because while they seemed small and easy in the doing, the result was BIG.
I've grown in confidence, self-esteem and best of all, self-belief through our work together. Instead of wailing, "I can't...." as I used to do, I now know that, step by step, I can accomplish what I want to accomplish!"

Julie Mundt

Transformational Coach

"It’s such a gift to have a trusted coach in your corner who can be counted on to hear you and and home in on the stuck places you can’t see by yourself. That is definitely Jenny!

When I first approached Jenny for coaching, I was in an incredibly resistant place (with a back in pretty agonizing spasm). Not only did she move me through my block to setting an outrageous goal in one session, she very calmly held the space when the real block surfaced and turned out to be connected to an incredibly painful past trauma—a surprise to us both. 
I know that Jenny’s command of her craft, her gentleness and her fabulous listening skills are what allowed me to do the emotional releasing that needed to happen, and it made all the difference to my back and to my ability to move forward with the things I know I want. 
She continued to support me in uncovering even more blocks to my goal in the next session, deepening the work we had done previously, and has since then been a warm yet reassuringly structured guide in leading me through other targeted processes that just work."

Rebeka Javanshir-Wong

Energy Psychology Practioner

"Jenny is truly amazing….an amazing listener and really able to tune in to my story and see the bigger picture and guide me to go beyond my limitations."


Liza Vergez

Pilates Trainer and EFT Coach

"Since we talked last week, I met – out of the blue – someone who wanted me to teach a Pilates class in her centre and a hypnotherapist who wants to refer her clients to me to work with me doing EFT.


Devi Ishaya

Astrologer and Energy Psychology Practioner

"You are so intuitive and incredible at what you do.

Thank you so much for sending the recording and notes and tapping script; it is so helpful to go back and listen and tap again. What a blessing these sessions are."

Thank you so much for helping me to clear my resistance to seeing opportunities!"

What participants have to say about the 21 Days of Tapping programs:

Brilliant Jenny! So useful....thank you so much!!''

Sandra SB, Dance School Owner  and Life Coach

Oh what a morning! Just the right tapping for me today Jenny. Thanks!!

Marisa Elizundia, Mananging Director, Live Your Brand

 I’m approaching each session with curiosity because I know there’s going to be a jewel or two or twelve for me.

The series of positive statements at the end was very powerful—gonna have another listen and maybe write them down!

This was so beautiful. You are so eloquent, and you wove in such loving metaphors. I really, really loved this.❤️

So much gold here, truly a staple tapping session for any area of life!

Julie Mundt, Coach.

It's amazing how these videos are coinciding with my life right now. 

You really have a way if drawing things out into the open, Jenny. 

I really liked your assignment Jenny to write down the accomplishments.

You are adorable, Jenny! Thanks for the little dance! 👏🎉🤩💖🤗💜

Jean Dansak, Artist

By the time I finished the video, with a few pauses to tap around on my own phrasings, this issue was ... a non-issue! YAY!

So excited about breakthroughs to come, and to finding out how much more I can be and do as we go forward. Thanks Jenny for your really good work. 

Elaine H MacDonald, Writer

"I've got the desire and I'm going to follow through." Writing that at the top of my journal. This is all it boils down to. Thanks, Jenny!

Kara Madden, Educational Consultant

There is so much to think about with this video, Jenny. Thank you so much. I wasn't sure that it would apply to me as much as other videos have but I was wrong about that. I am so grateful now that I took the time to listen and tap with it tonight. 🙂

What a great video, Jenny! Even though I haven't tapped with it until this evening since I was busy during the day it is one I will work more with as the days unfold. Thank you so much! 🙂

Another great tapping video, Jenny! Thank you!

Susie Turner, Owner of Pegasus Magic

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