TIYV - Tap Into Your Visibility - Q&A Information Page

What do you mean by Visibility?

Whether you are a musician, stage artist or creative. Or a coach, practitioner or Solopreneur… If you are struggling to put yourself out there in order to be seen and heard and create more reach, impact, opportunities, money and success… then this program is for you.

Maybe it’s you NOT posting on social media. NOT reaching out to an agent. NOT applying for that grant, course or job. NOT going to a networking event. NOT being consistent in our visibility efforts. Or NOT feeling good even as we reluctantly take the steps.

And why Tap Into?

For 2 reasons:
1. You already have the potential inside you to be much more visible - it's just a question of removing the blocks and limiting beliefs that stop you from tapping that potential.
2. We're going to be using EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - AKA Tapping, to clear the stuck energy and emotions that stop you from being much more seen and heard.

Why 10 Weeks?

Also 2 reasons:
1. To give us time to cover 10 major areas that block you from putting yourself out there. (Themes like: Your Early Visibility Paradigm; Other people; Money blocks; Comparison & competition; Time; Limiting behaviours (procrastination, perfectionism & people-pleasing); Celebrating you and your progress. Etc.)
2. Enough time to see real change out in the real world – via the inner work on and between the calls, and the outer challenges that get you seen and heard.

What does the program include?

- 10 weeks of Live Calls on Zoom.
- Private TIYV Facebook Community.
- Resources, handouts, tapping scripts
- Tools and techniques which you can use for a lifetime.

How long are the live sessions? What if I can’t make every call?

90 minutes. From 12pm-1.30pm Eastern. (That’s 9-10.30am ET/ 5-6.30pm UK/ 6-7.30pm CET)
Don’t worry. All of the calls will be recorded for you to watch or rewatch at any time.

Where do we meet for the live calls?

On Zoom – similar to Skype but more group friendly. I will send you a private link for the calls.

What about in between the calls?

Before each call I will send you a handout to prepare so that you can get the most out of the session.
Inbetween you are encouraged to do the ‘challenges’ (see below) and to use the private Facebook group with me and the other participants, commenting, sharing, encouraging and getting inspired.

What kind of Challenges are you talking about?

To an extent, that depends on your needs and that of the other participants.
In previous programs they have included:
- Creating an introduction video and posting it in the group
- Posting on social media – written or video
- Making a recording of yourself
- Getting together for a Tapping Pair session with another participant
- Writing that email or message that you’ve been putting off
- Tapping daily
- Etc

Your prices are in US Dollars. How much is that in my currency?

You can use this currency converter to check the price of the course in your own money.

Can I invite a friend to do the course?

Yes, absolutely. Please put them in touch with me – and you will both be able to take advantage of the reduced price (see below) right up until 24 hours before the course.

I’ve never done EFT Tapping – is that a problem?

Tapping is such a simple process and can be learned in minutes. Here’s a quick introductory video so you can familiarize yourself with the process. I will also answer any questions you may have in the live call or the Facebook group.

What if I get behind in the course?

This is a small-group program. There is no ‘getting behind’. I will be there to see that you are getting the most out of the materials. Although the challenges are optional I highly recommend that you do them, at the very least so you can see where your real-world challenges lie.

Do I have to be in the Facebook group?

Not obligatory, but highly recommended.

Where can I find the course materials as we go through the program? Will they be available to me after it is finished?

I create a Google Doc with all the Course Content, adding to it as the program unfolds. This will be available to you forever!

I think I’d like to work with you 1:1 because I know I have a lot going on in this area. Is that possible? Do I have to decide that now?

The 1:1 VIP option can be accessed at any time during or after the course as things come up for you. I would be honored to work with you and help to clear whatever is important for you. If you’re not sure which option to choose you are welcome to email me at jenny@jennyclift.com

What's the next course? How can I join?

Tap into Your Visibility runs from Wednesday January 17th with weekly calls, all at 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm UK/6pm CET.

Is there a bonus for a quick sign-up?

Yes! The Early Bird Rate (see below) runs until January 10th. And the first 8 people to sign up get a bonus 1 to 1 session with me.

How much does Tap into Your Visibility 2024 cost?

Early Bird Prices (until January 10th)

Group – 1 payment $550
3 x $190 = $570

VIP – 1 payment $999
3x $340 = $1020

Regular Prices (after January 10th)

Group – 1 payment $597
3x $205 = $615

VIP – 1 payment $1047
3x $355 = $1050