21 Days of Tapping to Embrace Happiness Group Program

Starting Monday March 14th, 2022.


Ukraine Support Special - I pledge 50% of your investment to help the people affected by the war in Ukraine!!!

  • Are you feeling worried, afraid, sad & anxious?
  • Does feeling down slow you down?
  • What's stopping you from feeling happier?

Join me March 14th, online, 9amPT/12pmET/6pmCET for a 60-90 minute group call to explore where, why and how you aren't feeling as happy as you'd like...

Followed by 21 days of tapping videos which you do in your own time, with support, advice, celebration and encouragement.

Finish with another group call (Date TBD) to check in, celebrate progress and tie up any loose ends.

How can we embrace happiness?

By focusing on the Three Pillars:
1. Acknowledge and clear 'negative' emotions
2. Move your body & your energy
3. Play happiness mindset games


All of these will be covered over the 21 days - and much more - as we discover what comes up for YOU in the initial exploration call.

And there will be a lot of joy, support and healing along the way. ❤️

How does the program work?


Sign up below.

I will send you the Initial Handout and Zoom link for our group call.

We will go through the initial handout, get to know each other and kick-start the program.

New (5-12 minute) video each day, for 21 days.

Tap with each video and journal on what comes up for you. And don't worry if you miss a day - you will have LIFE-TIME ACCESS to these videos.

COMMENT AND CONNECT in the specially created private Facebook group. That's where the action - and the connection - will happen.

There are 21 videos in which you will clear the  blocks and obstacles and learn many new tricks and tips and tools to increase your happiness exponentially.

And...that's not all!!
I have also created a BONUS 3 WEEK add-on to the course - Let's Create Miracles!


Through a combination of EFT Tapping, positive Autosuggestion and Qi energy moves, you will re-train your brain to choose Health-Wealth-Success-Peace-Love and Prosperity. Creating a LOT more happiness in all areas of your life.

I am really looking forward to the breakthroughs, clearings, healing and fun that we're going to have. 🙂

Here's to the joy, value and fun that embracing our happier selves will bring - to ourselves and to the world.

Jenny xxx

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Copy of 3 week bonus access

EFT tapping can really help

- clear your creative blocks

- eliminate the emotions around past 'failures'

- open yourself up to so much fun, joy and new purpose in life!

I realize some may not be familiar with EFT. A brief explanation is that it is similar to acupuncture only tapping with fingers (no needles!) You will be tapping on the meridian points that help bring about change.
Watch this very short video »»»

My intention with these 21 Days of Tapping is to help you feel understood and validated, and to know that you are not alone in your challenges and struggles. And then to feel empowered and excited enough to rediscover the fun, and nurture and expand your happiness setpoint.

And by creating a daily tapping habit you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of joy and success - that is my ultimate desire for you.

Sign up to download your Initial Exploration Handout here:

The program includes:-


Sign up here
(50% of your payment will go to supporting people affected by the war in the Ukraine.)


127 USD

Here's how this works:

1. Click the link to pay.

2. Join me online for a 1 HOUR GROUP CALL (I will send you the Zoom link) - Q&A and brainstorming on how we will use EFT tapping for the specific topic that month.

3. Join the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where I will post DAILY TAPPING VIDEOS (for 21 DAYS) - you tap in your own time and journal on what comes up for you.

4. You COMMENT & CONNECT in the group.

5. After the 21 days are up the videos will be available for you to TAP ALONG to FOREVER! *

6. And for a further 3 weeks you will receive BONUS VIDEOS, AUDIOS & HANDOUTS to choose Health-Wealth-Success-Peace-Prosperity & Love on a daily basis - retraining your brain to increase your happiness exponentially!!

Scroll down for more FAQs and answers. 

*Jenny Clift reserves the right to employ the daily videos, audios and handouts for promotional, marketing or commercial purposes.

127 USD


  • Private 1-on-1 sessions – If you prefer individual support you can choose three 1-on-1 sessions. We’ll tackle the specific things that are holding YOU back, stopping you from exploring, enhancing and enjoying your own happiness. 
    If you want to experience the incredible results that can be had from individual coaching - the emotional clearing, the a-ha moments, the tears and the laughter, go directly to the button  and sign-up now. There’s only a limited number of spaces for  1-on-1 clients, and I’d LOVE one of them to be YOU!
  • You will also receive the ENTIRE Tapping to Embrace Happiness group program - the two group calls, the Facebook private group, the feedback and interaction there, and all 21  videos - the whole package at this super-optimal price!!
    Your investment in YOURSELF! 697€
    (I pledge to donate 50% of the group program fee to the Ukraine.)

1:1 Option

Find out how much it is in your currency HERE

Here's what previous course members have to say about the 21 Days of Tapping programs:

I have felt more flow and more relaxed about getting things done and less bothered about procrastination after these 21 days. And YES, I actually do get things done! Thanks Jenny!! 

Vivian Ch, Pianist

 I am grateful for this 21-day to quit a bad habit program. It has helped me move the needle forward on not just one bad habit but also helped me rewire my brain about a deep ingrained belief. Jenny is so good with her words in her scripts. Although the program was intended for anyone to use, I felt that the verbiage she uses in her videos seem to be tailored to just my needs. I felt heard which is very important in letting go of the resistance that pops up while consciously changing a habit. The other awesome part of this program is that it’s set up in such a way that the program can be used over and over to change one bad habit to the next. Thank you Jenny.

Tina BQ Tran, Owner of Quintessential Energy Focus

 My experience was that, after about Day 5, every time I found myself wanting to slip up I became aware that I was about to and was able to make a conscious decision not to go ahead; previously, the habit was so ingrained that even when I tried to quit, I would find myself actually doing it and would then think, "oh well, I guess I failed again!"... and would carry on. The tapping seemed to trigger this awareness, and I've found it pretty easy to give up, as a result.

Lucy Rinaldi, Financial Advisor


How long are the Live Calls? What if I can’t make that time?
60 - 90 minutes. And the call(s) will be recorded for you to listen to at any time.

Where do we meet for the live call?
On Zoom. I will send you a link to the first call which takes place Monday March 14th, 9amPT/12pmET/6pmCET.

Is there a live call every day for 21 days? (I’m not available at the same time every day.)
No. The program is set up so that we meet for the initial live exploration call, then you do the videos in your own time over the next 21 days. Finally we meet on Zoom for a follow-up check-in and celebration.

So am I on my own after the first day?
Certainly not! You will be a member of the private Facebook group with me and the other participants, commenting, sharing, encouraging and getting inspired.
And we finish with a Live Call to celebrate and check-in. (Date TBA)

Can I invite a friend to do the course?
Yes, absolutely. Please share this page with anybody you know might be interested. Or they can email me for more info. And thank you!

Your prices are in US Dollars. How much is that in my currency?
You can use this currency converter to check the price of the course in your own money.

I’ve never done EFT tapping – is that a problem?
Tapping is such a simple process and can be learned in minutes. Here’s a quick introductory video so you can familiarize yourself with the process. I will also answer any questions you may have in the live call or the Facebook group.

How long do the videos last? This feels like a big commitment.
The videos are around 10 minutes long. You can watch them at any time in the day.

What if I get behind in the course?
No problem. You can catch up by doing a tapathon or just follow along when you can. I create a ‘Catch-up’ reminder at the end of each week during the course so you can keep track. At the end of the course all the videos are for you to keep forever.

Do I have to be in the Facebook group?
That's ideal, really. I will be posting the videos there and it’s where you comment and share shifts, challenges etc. The group is private and confidentiality is a must.
If for any reason you do not use Facebook just let me know and I'll make sure the videos are sent directly to your email inbox every day. You of course have the initial and final Group Zoom calls to connect with me and the other participants.

I think I’d like to work with you 1:1 because I know I have a lot going on in this area. Is that possible? Do I have to decide that now?
The 1:1 option can be accessed at any time during or after the course as things come up for you. I would be honored to work with you and help to clear whatever is important for you. Click on the 1:1 option below (for 3 sessions) or email me.

I’m in! How can I join?
Here are the 2 payment options. Choose one and I will invite you in to the Facebook group and send you the Zoom link for the initial live call on March 14th. Let the tapping commence!

Group Tier - 127 USD
50% for the Ukraine

2 Live Group Calls, 21 Days of Tapping Videos to Embrace Happiness, Facebook Group and 3 week Bonus Course.

VIP Tier - 697 USD

50% of the group fee for the Ukraine

ALL of the above plus 3x 45-minute individual sessions with me.