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On this page you will find lots of things which - hopefully - will inspire, motivate, inform and encourage you on your journey to a better life.

21 Days of Tapping video programs - delivered directly to your email inbox for the next 21 days.

Quit a Bad Habit

21 Days of Tapping videos to Quit a Bad Habit

Are you trying to quit smoking, sugar, nail-biting, yelling at your kids, procrastination...or some other bad habit? Or maybe you've already tried - even multiple times - and failed.

EFT tapping can really help
- reduce cravings and feel good now
- eliminate the emotions around past 'failures'
- get positive and create new, beneficial habits.

47€ (≈$52)

21 Days of Tapping into Your Creative Self

Would you like to be more creative? (Art, music, writing, ideas...)

Have you got creative bad memories you'd love to clear? (Horrible teachers, nasty things said to you...)

What's stopping you from expressing yourself and feeling good about your creativity? (Maybe you know, maybe you'd like to explore...)
Clear your resistance and gain access to Your Creative Self.

47€ (≈$52)

7 Calorie-Free Ways to Lift Your Mood - 1,99€

Have you ever found yourself feeling ‘out of sorts’ and automatically reaching for comfort food…or a cigarette or a drink? I know I have. (Well, not the cigarette, but the rest!)
Although these provide short-term relief and a way of distracting ourselves from uncomfortable feelings, as we all know, long-term they come with consequences.
Here's a PDF report with 7 ways to feel better quickly and easily. They are cost-free, calorie-free and nasty- consequence-free. Can’t say fairer than that!!


How to Liberate Yourself from Money Stress - 3,99€

A 3 part 'mini-course' in which you will discover:

  • The 5 areas of your money and the 3 ways they run your nervous system
  • What each area really represents
  • The Hidden Mind-Body-Money Connection
  • How to create your own Money Map
  • A simple technique to start reducing money stress so you can reap the financial rewards

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MP3 Audio book of ‘The Music Inside’ - 4,99€

Are you in the wrong job?
Do you feel fed up and frustrated?
Wondering how to move forward or who to turn to for help?

This thoughtful and yet practical book will help you start changing on the inside, take action, make outside changes and feel great about the results and yourself.

Purchase the audio of this Amazon, best-seller book read by the author, Jenny Clift.

Custom-made Tapping Script - 35€

I hear a lot from my clients that they're not sure what to say when they tap. I can create a tapping script for you to use when you are facing a particular situation or challenge in your life.

Contact me via email with an outline of your situation or set up a free Clarity call and I will then write a script for you to use in your tapping.

100 Days of #TimetoShine - Free gift

What is #TimetoShine?
Quotes from all over – with beautiful backgrounds - to inspire and motivate you, get you thinking and help you have a great day.

Why #TimetoShine?
A few months ago, doing a 3rd Chakra (power centre) guided meditation* I was inspired by the words:

You have a right to exist as an individual.
You have a right to exist as a personality.
You have a right to exist as an ego.
You have a right to exist as a Soul,
As a light expressing itself through this physical plane.
Let it shine.
Let yourself shine.
You deserve to shine.
You were born to shine.

*The meditation was by the amazing Madeline Rinehart on Youtube.

So I decided to find and post daily quotes to help me and others really shine our lights.

Here is my gift to you. Over the next 100 days you will receive a daily #TimetoShine quote delivered to your email inbox. I hope you enjoy them!

21 Day Tapping Plan - Free gift

If you are new to EFT tapping, or just like challenges, it is helpful to have a plan of action! The following plan will take you through three weeks of daily tapping, thereby setting a habit which can serve you for the rest of your life.

21 Days of Tapping for Solopreneurs - Free gift

No one told us just how scary and triggering setting up a business on our own could be.
These 21 short (5-11 minutes) videos cover topics such as; Avoiding my 'to do' list; Fear I'll be criticized: What's my next right action?; It's not happening fast enough; Courage to make contact; Comparing ourselves to others... and many more!
You can see all 21 for free here on my website or on Youtube (Jenny Clift Coaching channel), or get them delivered to your inbox and start tapping every day!

The Music Inside by Jenny Clift. Part 1 - Free gift

Read the beginning of my Amazon best-selling book, The Music Inside, for free!

Includes: Foreword by Brad Yates; Part 1: The set up: Childhood, Trinity and non-violin years, teaching years.

Music Inside thumbnail

Exploration Handouts - to use with the 21 Days of Tapping programs and gain real clarity around the topic.
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