Get Ready to Be Seen & Heard

I truly believe that, as musicians, artists, creatives, one of our MAIN LIFE PURPOSES is to be seen and heard.

We have a burning desire (which, let's face it, can be a pain in the a*% at times!) to share our music, our words, our talents and our message with others.

But, throughout our lives, we get some very mixed messages about the wisdom of doing that. 😥

'Don't show off!'
'Let the other kids have a turn, they'll feel bad.'
'Nobody likes a loud kid, sit down and shut up!'
'Little Stacey did so well, perhaps you could learn from her.'


So when Brad Yates, EFT expert who is BIG on YouTube and a regular speaker on the Tapping Summit, asked me what I wanted to talk about on his 'Get Ready' interview series, I knew exactly what to focus on!


Here's my Get Ready to Be Seen and Heard interview with Brad Yates.😀


We talked about

  • how I met Brad (I was at a crisis point in my musical career)
  • my book, The Music Inside
  • are nerves necessary?
  • why EFT & energy work is so perfect for musicians
  • deep listening
  • and much more!

But... we didn't actually tap together, so I made this Tapping video to put that right!

There's a round about the fear of being more visible and a positive round as well. Enjoy!

Do you struggle with putting yourself out there?

Check out my group program TAP INTO YOUR VISIBILITY which starts January 2024!


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