Can You Choose ‘Good Enough’?

Can you choose 'good enough'?

Can you look at yourself and say, with conviction, 'I'm good enough'?

Just like using Affirmations, I wonder if you agree with me. They're great... but you have to be in the mood! 😏

Try saying: 
I am successful, healthy and happy.
I'm in the flow of abundance.
I love myself. I am good enough!

Some days we can look in the mirror and say them with conviction... and they feel fabulous! 🤩

But other times the inner back-chat is just too strong.😣 It says things like:

In your dreams.
It's impossible.
How can I love myself when I haven't got my s*&t together?

This is where the power of 'I Choose' comes into play.

It has the effect of bypassing your inner skeptic or non-believer and allowing in the good stuff!

So 'I am in the flow of abundance' becomes 'I choose to be in the flow of abundance.'

'I am good enough' turns into 'I choose to know I am good enough!'


Can you choose to recommit to your goals and dreams?
Can you choose to know that you are GOOD ENOUGH?

Try following along with this video - and see how you can get from self-doubt and resistance to feeling powerful and optimistic in just a few minutes. 😍

You'll release the emotions of overwhelm and anxiety and behaviours like self-judgement, comparison and self- criticism.

See how you feel before and after (it only takes 6 minutes) and leave me a comment to let me know!

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