How EFT helps as a musician

As a violinist, over my life I've studied, learnt and practiced all things musical - technique, repertoire, history of music, theory etc. etc.

But one of the most helpful things I've perfected as a musician is a technique I learnt just this past decade - EFT.

EFT Tapping has allowed me to create an incredible number of changes in my career and achieve so many things that I never thought possible.

In my recent social media post I listed some of these:

Facebook, January 21st, 2020

'Here it is, my (slightly late) “new year reflection-on-the-last-decade post”! Looking back, I realized that I tend to do things in blocks of 10 years – and that each decade has culminated in something big that led me to new openings and opportunities.

Those big events haven’t always felt good at the time. In fact sometimes they’ve been downright devastating.

Like dropping out of music college and abandoning the violín for 8 years… which led me to Spain and a whole new life (teaching English, now that’s another story!)

Or, a decade later, my first husband telling me, a week after we got married, that he wanted to move to Madrid from Alicante in the south of Spain, leaving our friends and our sunny lifestyle…. which led me to getting back to the violín and to performing again.

You get the picture.

This last decade has also been all about learning new skills. I began learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques AKA Tapping) when I felt totally fed up and frustrated in my music career.

Despite having some success as a freelance, regular money had become an issue

and I’d moved into teaching until I had a practice of 60 students...and it was driving me nuts.

I was performing at the weekends but barely had time to practice during the week, and one day, after the 8th student in a row told me ‘No, I haven’t studied this week’, something flipped and I started looking for answers – I was desperate!

I found those answers on Youtube when I discovered this slightly strange-looking technique, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or ‘Tapping’.

It was really easy to learn (much easier than the violin!) and I began using it on my own.

As a performer, I was immediately struck by the possibilities for dealing with all the different aspects involved.

Things like performance anxiety, self-doubt, physical blocks and injuries, bad days, tricky colleagues, and difficult lessons.

After a while, I reached out to a well-known (and fantastic) EFT coach, Brad Yates, and worked with him for several years via online sessions, and even attended his international workshops.

Those were years of huge growth for me - and it was exciting, and really amazing - to see how the inner changes led to the outer results.

I found myself doing things that I just hadn’t had the confidence or self-belief to do before, ever.

Here are some of the breakthroughs in my career as a musician – with all its challenges - that happened as a result of discovering EFT in 2011 and using it on my own and with my coach:

• From 2012ish: I moved from teaching violín full-time and performing at the weekends, to freelancing regularly with orchestras

• I became a founder member of a piano quartet, the Laurus Ensemble, with paid concerts in and around Madrid

• I reached out to a fabulous guitarist and we created the Laurus Freestyle Duo. We performed extensively in Spain, England and even in the States

• 2013 & 2015: After a session with my coach about ‘There’s no way I can do this!’ I suggested to my duo partner that we make a CD - which resulted in, not one, but two CDs which we were able to sell at concerts and online.

• I was still teaching, and as I increased in confidence with the tapping and with much encouragement, support and advice from my coach, I began my YouTube channel and made violin teaching videos. That resulted in an online learning platform - - contacting me and making 2 online courses for them (paid $1,000 up front!)

I started wanting more and more to share this with others, but talking about it (despite seeing the results I was getting) still felt a bit too ‘out of the box’ and whacky. My solution was to write a book. So...

• 2016: Wrote and self-published my book ‘The Music Inside’ which charts this journey and talks about how EFT has helped me as a musician, giving tools and techniques to help move into the career you love.

The next step was to start coaching others. I had one client - he was fabulous and I will forever be grateful for him starting my journey with me - but then I realized that I needed to get some formal training! So...

• 2017: Trained as an Energy Psychology coach with Dr Dawson Church of EFT Universe

Then I had to do something about the money blocks and insecurities, so, tap, tap, tap and...

• 2017: Became certified as Tapping into Wealth Coach with Margaret M. Lynch

It was time to get my business off the ground so I began

• 2018/19: Coaching individuals, mainly around finances, and also with my ‘Get out of a Crisis’ coaching package.

• 2018/19: Created and ran my group program Best Year Yet!, and my 21 Days of Tapping programs; for Solopreneurs, for Website Resistance, Into Your Creative Self, Quit a Bad Habit & Embrace Happiness. Collaborated on a program, ‘Financial Fitness’ which educated women about finances and then used tapping to clear any resistance.

• I started my Jenny Clift Coaching YouTube channel and posted tapping videos and courses there. Once again, EFT helped me to clear the fears around putting myself out this way and becoming visible.

• 2018-now: I’ve been working as the violinist in 33 el Musical here – 7 performances a week and playing alongside wonderful musicians, actors and technicians, with a monthly salary. Whoopee!

And I tentatively began to mention my ‘other work’ to my colleagues at the musical, expecting them to think I was completely mad... and discovering that they were really interested in this technique and hearing about how it could help them too.

• 2019: Working with coaches to ‘find’ my niche - which was obvious all along!

And coming to this HUGE realization that I want to help other MUSICIANS LIKE MYSELF who’ve gone through the same things:
asshole teachers (pardon my French!)
struggles with confidence,
a belief in oneself as a musician who can  make a go of it - and even be a success - in this crazy industry,
or just the ‘normal’ blocks and anxiety around
job scarcity,
money woes,
performance stress etc.

So the 20s are about enjoying music making as well as coaching musicians and stage artists to tap into wealth, success, balance, joy and inner peace with EFT.

I’ve started working with fabulous coaches to put it altogether in a brilliant package  and I’m incredibly excited to see where this takes me and what I’ll be offering in the near future.
Here’s to this new decade full of clarity, ease & joy, and magical coaching and music making! '

Do any of these struggles sound familiar to you? Would you like to know more about EFT for Musicians or Stage Performers? 

Email me at or comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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