Perform from Memory Without Stress

When you perform from memory do you ever experience these feelings?


  • Perhaps it's panic, frantically searching your mind for the next notes or words. And starting to feel a flush of shame and horror.
  • Or maybe it's a sense of dread or doom. A heavy responsibility to get all the way through without losing your place or missing a note or word.
  • Or it could be the aftermath, the beating yourself up. And not wanting to acknowledge the rest of a successful performance, because of that one slip or worse.

If you've ever struggled to perform from memory, chances are you can relate to one or more of these kinds of awful emotions and sensations. 

Furthermore, we can hold onto bad memorizing experiences for years, if not decades. That can really affect us... at best, we have to muscle through, at worst, we avoid the whole memorizing thing altogether.

So why memorize at all?

Obviously for actors in classical or musical theater there just isn't a choice.

Imagine 'To be or not to be', or 'Midnight, Not a sound from the pavement, Has the moon lost her memory?' Just not the same holding a book or score!

But for classical musicians, especially with the invention of the ipad, the choice is not so simple.

To memorize or not to memorize, that is the question!

Talking to a pianist client last week, she explained that she goes for a hybrid approach. Some of her pieces are played from memory, some not.

That way she can take off unnecessary pressure. And she has the time and focus necessary to prepare her concert programs to the very best of her ability.

But the fears and doubts and old traumatic memories still remain... and that's when tapping can really help.

So here are 3 tapping rounds for when you have to perform from memory.

Here's what you will achieve with each video:

1. Clear the old memories (in my case the time I lost my way in a Bach Unaccompanied Sonata in my final exam at Music College. Uuugh.)
2. Clear the negative emotions and energy.
3. Tap into positive feelings of calm, focused concentration. These are so necessary for the preparation, right before a performance, during and even after.

Step 1: Clear Old Memories

Step 2: Clear Negative Emotions

Step 3: Tap into Positive Feelings

Now I know that a quick video, or even three, can be helpful, but may not get right to the heart of your issue. ❤️

This Perform by Memory challenge may be something you've struggled with for a long time. It can feel very stuck and impossible to shift on your own.

And for that reason I am offering you the chance of a special Perform by Memory with Ease Session - this is at 50% off my current 1:1 price.

In this special session we'll go in and start to clear your old memories and the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and energy. The ones that are stopping you from performing from memory joyfully and easily.

☀️ Shine Your Light! ☀️

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