Money Matters #1 The Mind-Body-Money Connection

What is it about bank statements?

Just yesterday my husband handed me an envelope saying, ‘This has been knocking around for a week. Shouldn’t you open it?’

‘Yes, I know, I know. I’ll open it later’, I muttered.

And I could feel the familiar sensations – not fear exactly, but a slight nausea in the pit of my stomach, a lump in my throat, a feeling of being in trouble, and flashes of past statements with dwindling income and numbers in the red.

That’s the Mind-Body-Money connection at work.

Those thoughts, memories and stories we have around our money translate into emotions (usually uncomfortable!) and physical sensations.

Like Linda, one of my clients, who talked about being terrified of debt, how it felt ‘slimy or sleazy’ to her, and whose parents went bankrupt when she was a child.

Or Nina, who felt a hollow anxiety and resentment when she thought about her income, with thoughts like; ‘Earning money is no fun, it’s hard and boring’ and ‘I’ll never have enough’.

As Suze Orman, the financial advisor, said:

“The only way you will ever permanently take control of your financial life is to dig deep and fix the root problem”


And we know she’s right on a conscious level, but our subconscious kicks in with the fight or flight – or freeze – response (designed to keep us safe from perceived danger), flooding our body with stress hormones… and up comes the resistance, the ‘burying our head in the sand’, the fear and depression.

We need a mind-body tool to get right to this Mind-Body-Money connection…and a GREAT one that I use on myself and with clients, is EFT, or tapping. (Check out my EFT page or see below, for more about that). Over and over I’ve experienced – and it has now been scientifically proven – that it calms the nervous system, lowers the stress response and gets us back into a place where we can think straight, do what we have to do (like opening that darned envelope!) and take the steps that are going to have us creating the wealth and success that we desire….and deserve!!

Key Takeaways:

  • Our thoughts directly create emotions and physical symptoms
  • ​The fight or flight – or freeze – response happens automatically at a subconscious level in a response to ‘danger’
  • When we calm the nervous system – at a Mind-Body level – we are free to make conscious choices
  • Tapping, or EFT, can help us to reduce the stress response from the reptilian brain and reaccess the frontal lobes – the thinking brain


How to tap:

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