Hating On Yourself

Do you ever think of yourself as a HATER?

That's for other people, right? The kind of people you avoid on social media or at social occasions...😬

But there's one area when HATING (that dark, evil, slimy, nasty energy) can be totally no-holds-barred.

And that's when you are HATING ON YOURSELF. 😮😥😖😡

I made a Tapping Video recently on this because it can turn into a negative spiral that is really hard to escape.

If you're ever bogged down in self-judgement, self-cricism, shame and self-loathing, telling yourself to think nice thoughts and stay positive just doesn't work.

In fact, I would suggest that it has the opposite effect.

You end up feeling that you are not being heard or acknowledged. That your feelings are not valid or worthy in some way.

Which all adds to the problem.

As always, with EFT Tapping we start by stating WHAT IS.

Something like 'I hate myself right now!'

So in a Set-Up Phrase, as we tap on the side of the hand, that sounds like this:

'Even though I hate myself right now...'

Yes, as bald as that sounds, it's the truth when you're hating on yourself.

Now, very often in EFT we finish that first sentence with 'I love and accept myself completely.'

But for right now, that's too much of a stretch. So something more palatable, when you're in that kind of a funk, might be:

'Even though I hate myself right now, I choose to listen to my thoughts and honor my feelings.'

Now we're starting to really hear that inner critical voice, let it have its say... but all the while we're tapping round acupressure points.

Why is that crucial?

Because, unlike having a good rant at ourselves, which increases our stress and resulting negative inner environment, as we tap we bring down cortisol, the main stress hormone, and we start to rewire our brain.

As we continue to tap there is a lightening or our dark, heavy energy... and an opening up to new possibilities.

Check out this short tapping video that I made.

Make sure to rate your feelings on a scale of 1 to 10 both before and after the tapping and see what shifts, both emotional and energetic, occur for you.

I really hope that this is useful to help you move to a place of love and yes, gratitude for yourself.

I hope that this brief tapping helped you to feel much better about yourself and really shift your thoughts and mood.


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