Celebrate YOU!

Celebrate YOU!

Do you ever pause to celebrate YOU?! 🥳


Not something many of us got taught to do growing up.😟

On the contrary, so many of us received messages like these:

  • You have to be humble, no one likes a show off.
  • Don't toot your own horn.
  • Give others a chance.

So we brush off our achievements, thinking things like:

  • On to the next task.
  • It's nothing, other people are doing so much better than me.
  • I should have done that weeks ago.

But how much you do like getting praise and encouragement? Quite a bit I reckon.

In the Internal Audit Workshop 2023 this past Wednesday, the fabulous participants got a bit riotous - getting into celebration mode.
They were brilliant! 😁

Your Internal Audit 2023

If you missed it, here's how you can do it too!
1) Choose a celebration move or pose (high five, fist bump, self-hug, little dance..)
2) Thank yourself for the ways you SHINE! Say out loud: 'Thank you (YOUR NAME), you're AWESOME!!!'

It's not as easy as it sounds... but here are some things to thank yourself for:

  • All of my WINS this year – big and small, internal or out in the world.
  • All the times I’ve allowed MORE for myself, stood in my power, reached for more and stayed strong.
  • All the times I stood up for myself, enforced my boundaries, said ‘no!’ or recognized my own needs.
  • Every time I paid attention to my negative self-talk, modified it, and decided to love, forgive and accept myself anyway.
  • All the times I empowered myself financially; asking & allowing more money, managing my money & clearing my fears around wealth.
  • Every time I’ve shared my gifts and talents, my time and energy, with the world.
  • Etc, etc... 😍

Do you want the whole script to Celebrate YOU!

Drop me a line at jenny@jennyclift.com and I'll happily send it to you! Let me know if you're a musician or performer, or a coach or solopreneur - I'd love to know more about you. 

The more we feel good about ourselves, the more uplifting energy, gifts and joy we can share with the world. And that's definitely worth celebrating!! 😍 👏

☀️ Shine Your Light! ☀️


Want to Tap more?
My free workshop, WOTY - Word of the Year - is on January 3rd, 2024,12pm Eastern.

This year we'll do a WORD CHAMPIONSHIP LEAGUE - fun and games to choose the direction and focus for your 2024.
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