5 Life-Changing Reasons to Create Your Artist’s Bucket

What on earth is an Artist's Bucket?

Well it's a container - and you decide what that looks like - that you get to fill with your unique creativity, ideas, information & talent. 

✔️It could be a Facebook Live, a recording, a concert or a festival.

✔️It might be a workshop, a 3 day event or a 9 month program.

✔️Perhaps it's a Social Media post, an article or a website.

Whatever it is, it's a receptacle for your gifts and talents, and a way of connecting and sharing them with the world.


And here's the exciting thing:

You don't have to wait for anyone else to give you permission. No external gate keepers, no auditions or trial periods!!

It's a vehicle for your self-expression and for making money.

And creating your buckets has a major effect on your internal resistance.

Allowing you to:

  • Say goodbye to procrastination
  • Motivate yourself into action
  • Become seen and heard on your terms
  • Stop the neediness (external validation)
  • Connect to your inner wisdom & gifts

Last week felt like the end of term, as I finished up the first cohort of my group program Fast Track to Fame.

It was such a joy and privilege to work over 3 months with 21 incredible creatives - musicians, writers, actors and business owners. The group energy was beautiful & powerful, and there were shifts and wins along the way that were just amazing to witness.

Here's what I wrote to the group:

🔑 Running this program has pushed my creativity to the limit. Each call has been like a container - or 'bucket' - that had to be filled - and there have been many hours (showers, early morning, metro rides, walks) staring off into the middle distance, deciding what felt important to work on with you all, and how best to present it. I've had to call on trust more than once that it's 'perfectly imperfect' . 🔑

Here's how some of these buckets look, for me and for my clients:

  • A weekly motivational email
  • Guesting on a workshop
  • Hosting or speaking on a podcast
  • Making a recording/video
  • Social media posts and Lives
  • Creating and running a program/Event or Workshop
  • Designing & creating their website
  • Teaching their instrument in a traditional or brand new framework
  • Performing (live or online)
  • Writing a blog/play/musical/musical podcast or full-blown novel
  • Creating an ecofriendly product
  • etc, etc.

And here are 5 very good (actually life-changing) reasons for creating your own buckets:

  1. Goodbye Procrastination!
    Remember - the empty bucket comes first. You don't have to wait for it to be full to get moving, the process is what counts, not the end product.

  2. Create a Deadline
    You may love or hate deadlines, but there's no doubt, they don't half get your arse in gear!
    And how wonderful to be your own deadline setter - there's nothing like autonomy to feel good about yourself.

  3. The Visibility Factor
    We spent a whole month talking and tapping about Visibility in Fast Track to Fame - and we could have spent many more.
    You would have thought every musician would have a brimming YouTube channel, every writer multiple blogs in the Huff Post... but the fear and doubt kicks in and stops us in our tracks.Creating your bucket creates your visibility - and audibility - come what may.

  4. Release the Need for External Validation
    The bucket is the thing - and although it is lovely to get feedback and appreciation, that becomes a want, not a need.
    Because the work is done, you are fulfilling your purpose and doing your thing, whether you get that pat on the back or not.

  5. Connect to Source
    This is, for me, the most important thing of all. WE ARE ALL ARTISTS.
    We are a channel with something important to share with the world.Making these buckets is how we get our unique perspective, interpretation and point of view out there. It's in the job description.

What's your current or next bucket? Let me know in the comments below. 💖


Does creating your bucket(s) all on your own feel overwhelming, even impossible?

This is the kind of thing that I help my Deep Dive clients with on a daily basis. The talking and clearing we do - along with support, accountability, encouragement and yes! celebration - creates massive shifts and changes, both internal and external.

Right now I have a couple of spots open for my individual program.

If you're interested in talking to me (no strings attached!) click this link to find a time on the scheduler.  Perhaps working together could be just the thing to help you right now. 

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