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Fast Track to Fame Group Program

Starts April 6th, 2021

When you dream of making it big do you ever slip into thoughts like these???
☹️ I just haven't the time or resources to create an online presence
☹️ It's impossible to make a great living doing what I love
☹️ My wins are so small compared to others - I feel embarrassed to mention them
☹️ I'm never going to get the recognition that I want so badly
☹️ There just aren't enough jobs or opportunities out there
☹️ I believe in myself sometimes but it's easy to slip into despair

It's not your fault!!!


Jenny Clift, Violinist & EFT Coach for Musicians, Stage Performers & Creatives

What if I told you that you're carrying hidden programming that is specifically blocking your success and literally setting the level of your visibility, your wealth and the opportunities that you have (and your ability to take advantage of them)?

Would you want to uncover that?

As a Musician, Stage Performer and Creative, you have your unique desires and an innate longing to be seen and heard - as well as the challenges, disappointments and inner wounds that come from a lifetime of trying to reach your artistic potential.

This is where this program comes in...

As a professional violinist and EFT Tapping Coach, I am uniquely positioned to understand and help you uncover and clear the limiting beliefs, patterns and internal obstacles that are getting in your way... and speed up your process to success!

Over 3 months - starting April 2021 - I'll be working closely with a group of musicians, stage artists and creatives just like you!

Over our time together, through the live calls with me, a specially created private Facebook group, and guest speaker calls, you'll take on a whole new belief system - one that supports you on your journey to sharing your gifts and talents with the world.


During 2020 I talked to - and tapped with - hundreds of musicians, stage performers and creatives, and noticed so many common patterns.

They were the same ones that held me back in my own music career and which I overcame with the help of EFT tapping and a coach, and by changing my mindset and my energy to create the success which previously I hadn't believed possible for me.

I've identified the 7 major areas that most commonly stand in the way of artists moving forward.

In the Fast Track to Fame Program, Part 1, we’re going to uncover and clear the blocks in 3 of those areas; the big 3 - Visibility, Money & Limiting Beliefs - that are holding you back from achieving the success, recognition, wealth and joy that you long for in your career as a musician, stage performer and/or creative.

If you love the energy and community of a group - being able to learn, share and benefit from others in a similar situation, going through similar challenges and together experiencing the solutions - you're in the right place!

Jenny introduced tapping to my group program, Music Mastery Experience, and long after her session my clients were still talking about the positive impact she – and EFT – had on them. Jenny makes this energy healing technique so down to earth, and of such practical benefit, that I invited her back for my second round!”

Dr. Renée-Paule Gauthiere, The Mind Over Finger Podcast, violinist and founder of The Music Mastery Experience

In the group sessions with me we'll go deep into....

#1 - In the Spotlight: The Visibility Vibe

  • Did you, somewhere along the line, take a subconscious vow to be invisible?
  • Were you told not to brag, to tone yourself down, not to outshine others?
  • And now, does posting about your accomplishments and offerings on Social Media or recording platforms make you cringe?
  • Perhaps you show up but then back away in shame and self-loathing?
  • And do you suffer from performance anxiety in critical moments and let yourself down?

In our Visibility Sessions you'll clear the emotions and energy trapped in your physical and nervous system, allowing you to show up and share your gifts and talents in a much bigger - and much more joyful - way.

“I'm amazed by how we can work through a particular block and then it's just gone - I'm able to spring into action with enthusiasm once again.  

I'm so grateful that Jenny Clift came into my world at the beginning of 2020. Not only have I benefited tremendously from our sessions, I've referred many clients to her and I've loved having Jenny as a guest expert in the various programs that I run.

As someone with big dreams and a demanding schedule, I have a tendency to slip into overwhelm. Every session I have with Jenny is grounding and calming, not just in terms of the chatter in my mind, but also with regards to the sensations of stress in my body. I'm amazed by how we can work through a particular block and then it's just gone - I'm able to spring into action with enthusiasm once again. Tapping with Jenny is my go-to strategy for relieving stress and anxiety. It totally works!”

Jennifer Rosenfeld, Composer & Business Coach for Musicians

#2 - Money Mindset Mayhem: What stops you from making more?

  • Do you play small in your money - asking or putting up with too little, barely making enough to pay the bills?
  • Or do you go through a continual, frustrating 'boom and bust' cycle - making great money followed by months of hardly earning anything at all?

Discover where these unhelpful patterns and beliefs come from and what is really driving you at a subconscious level, to break the pattern and create real wealth.

In our Money Mindset Sessions we'll delve into the scarcity beliefs that limit our success as artists and discover how to overcome the resistance to making money doing what we love.

“I got straight on the phone and signed my prospect up at the new price!

Jenny did a group session around money in a program I was participating in, and I was lucky enough to work with her on a situation that was holding me back – presenting my new prices to a potential client. I was feeling really stuck and frustrated.

After the call with Jenny, where we tapped on money and self-worth, I got straight on the phone to my prospect and signed her up at the new price – I was thrilled!

Somehow clearing the limiting beliefs and the energy that I had around money made it easy to show up in a bigger way.

Sarah Funk, Soprano & Self-Love Coach 

#3 - Defying Gravity: Do you believe in yourself?

  • Without self-confidence and a belief in your own value as a unique, talented artist, how can you convince anybody else to give you that position, go to your concerts or buy your creations?
  • Along the way your confidence was rocked - by people, events and circumstances - and you started to doubt yourself and your possibilities, creating a 'glass ceiling' to your success.

In these all important Self-Belief Sessions we'll clear those insiduous limitation-learnings and your resulting Imposter Syndrome, and create a whole new way of relating to yourself and your gifts and talents.

“Working with Jenny was a complete game changer.

I started working with Jenny at the suggestion of my business coach. I had been struggling to implement her advice and business model and wanted to uncover what was blocking me from moving forward.  The limiting beliefs and fears that were getting in my way of up-leveling began to clear and I started seeing changes almost immediately – I was finally putting everything my business coach taught me into practice.

And as an added – and completely unexpected bonus, my inner voice began to transform from one of self-criticism, judgement, and self-loathing to self-acceptance, encouragement, and self-love.

I thoroughly recommend taking one of Jenny’s programs – you’ll benefit in ways you would not have believed possible!”

Ellen Allard, Queen of Jewish Early Childhood Music, Award-winning Performer,
Music Educator, Composer, and Confidence Coach

Whatever else comes up for you and the other members of the group as we explore your success paradigm together.

Meet your coach


Hi! I'm Jenny Clift and I'm on a mission to banish the harmful behaviours and mindsets that are put upon musicians by their families, by the industry and by society, and that stand in the way of them reaching their full potential artistically and professionally.

Way back I dropped out of music college and gave up the violin - and my dream of becoming a professional performer - for a full 8 years.

But the artistic bug wouldn't leave me alone and I took up my instrument once again and started the long, and very winding, road to success in this so challenging field.


Back in 2011, after discovering EFT Tapping and other energy techniques - as well as completing a myriad of mindset, personal development and music-specific programs - I achieved a level of professional success that I had never believed possible (and that my music college professor had assured me would never happen.)

I decided to train as an EFT Coach in order to help other musicians, stage performers, and artists like myself, achieve the success they desire and are willing to work towards.

This program is a part of my mission and a part of my dream for all of us in this incredibly challenging, sometimes even soul-destroying - but also incredibly rewarding - profession.

“Jenny truly was one of the stars of our retreat

We were so proud to introduce Jenny Clift as our first guest presenter on 'day one' of our recent group event. She began with a powerful ‘Timeline’ meditation, which got our participants focused and motivated...and her subsequent workshop on EFT tapping was so specific, moving and inspiring. She truly was one of the stars of our retreat, as evidenced by the overwhelming positive response to her and her work.”

Susan Blackwell & Laura Camien, The Spark File Creativity Kickoff, The Spark File Podcast 

What's in the program?

Fast Track to Fame is a 12 Week Online Group Program - starting in April 2021.
There are two ways to experience this mind-opening, life-changing, emotion-freeing program:

In the Group:

⚡️6 x 90 minute group calls with me (on Zoom.) Every other week - starting Tuesday April 6th. (See FAQs below for the dates of all the calls, including the Get Revved Up Early Bird call in March.)

⚡️3 x Guest speaker calls (Dates TBD):
+ RTT Hypnosis for Success (Barbara Scalera)
+ Connect with Your Soul Purpose (Deborah J Sutton)
+ Powerful You (Fiona Orr)

⚡️Private Facebook group (with support from me and the group, as well as related challenges, resources & videos etc.)

⚡️ 2 recorded meditations per month to accelerate your success

Your investment for all the above: $850 (USD) BUY NOW & GET EARLY BIRD BONUSES!!  CLICK HERE
NB!! For my European friends contact me to pay directly in euros!

As a VIP (Maximum 12 people):

All the above PLUS:
⚡️3 x 60 minute 1:1s with me

⚡️Email support throughout the program

⚡️2 exclusive VIP group calls (on Zoom)

Want to take advantage of my VIP offer? This is currently the only way you can receive individual sessions with me as my Deep Dive private client roster is full for the next months.

Your investment for the VIP package: $1,600 - BUY NOW & GET EARLY BIRD BONUSES!!- CLICK HERE
NB!! For my European friends contact me to pay directly in euros!

Contact me at to find out about payment plans. 

⚡️Bonus Get Revved Up group session 90 minute replay

All this and more...

“It is ALWAYS a new world after my work with Jenny, all I can say is JUST DO IT! 

Jenny's intuition and energetic connection is a magical combination that has me healing and releasing voices and challenges I’ve been carrying with me for far too long.

Her empathy, level of understanding, and her sense of humor were the perfect companions as she guided me through paths that I needed to tend to - some for the first time and others for the 10,000th and final time.  

It is ALWAYS a new world after my work with Jenny, all I can say is JUST DO IT!  Give yourself the shift and freedom that comes from working with Jenny!”

Will Fedkenheuer, Violinist, Fiddler, Educator,
Consultant, Dad

Contact me to find out which option is the best for YOU - group or VIP*

Email me at or use the button to set up your FTTF Discovery Call and let's talk.

*VIP level, limited spaces available


Where is the course held?
We'll meet on Zoom - I will share the link with all course participants well in advance.
The other component is the private Facebook group, and I encourage everyone to be a part of the community there.
I will share course resources, recordings and materials there as well as by email with all the participants.

What are the session dates and how long do they last?
The 6 sessions with me are on:
April 6th & 20th
May 4th & 18th
June 1st & 15th
All the calls are at 9amPST/12pmEST/6pmCET.
Each one is 90 minutes long.

There will also be 3 Guest Speakers, one each month, during the program. Dates TBA.

There is a Get Revved Up Early Bird call on March 16th so sign up NOW!

What if I can't make one of the calls?

I will record each session for everyone to keep and re-listen, or listen to if they couldn't make the call.

What will we cover in the sessions?
We will cover the topics of Being Visible, Your Money and Your Self-Belief. And many other things will come up, such as certain 'vows' (invisibility, not deserving, loyalty, rebellion, playing small), 'traumas' (eg goal trauma, financial trauma) as well as individual and collective beliefs.

I have an OK career but realized it's been the same for the last 3 years - and with the pandemic it's even worse. Is this course right for me?
Yes. We can hit resistance to breaking through our success 'glass ceiling' and not even know why or how to fix it. We'll explore and clear the underlying blocks which keep us stuck and frustrated in our careers.

What techniques or modalities will we use in the course?
We will use EFT tapping as well as other processes (visualization, guided meditation, energy techniques, eye movement techniques, etc) to clear as many blocks and limiting beliefs that we can around success.

Will there be homework?
I will help you to form your own tapping habit, encouraging you to tap between the calls - sending you handouts and homework where appropriate.

Is there somewhere I can connect with the course participants?
There will be a private Facebook group, just for the members of this group program. This will be a place for ACES: Accountability, Celebration, Encouragement and Support.
That's where the community happens and I encourage everybody to join in there.

This career stuff is sensitive. How can I protect my privacy in a group?
Confidentiality is a MUST within the group. What we talk about and tap on in the calls and in the Facebook group, stays there - that way we know that we can be open and honest with ourselves without fear. Also, it is not necessary to say everything out loud while you are tapping. Things clear even when they stay in the privacy of our own minds.

Even so, I think I'd prefer to do the course individually. Is that an option? How about a combination of the two?
Absolutely. Working one to one allows us to go in really deep and clear thoughts, beliefs, old stories, memories and unhelpful patterns....allowing you to move forward quickly and joyfully. Schedule a call to talk to me about the VIP option using the orange button below.

How much does the whole course cost and when do I have to pay?

The group option is $850.
SIGN UP NOW for the Early Bird bonuses (extra group accelerator session on March 16th & a 1 to 1 session with me to get really specific): $850

The VIP option is $1,600.
SIGN UP NOW for the Early Bird bonuses (extra group accelerator session on March 16th & a bonus 1 to 1 session with me) $1,600
Or contact me to find out about payment plans.

Or... use the button below to set up a 15 min FTTF Discovery Call.

(All prices are in USD- please contact me for prices/payment methods in Euros.)

I have more questions. How can I contact Jenny?
Email me at and I will reply ASAP.
Or simply schedule a FTTF Discovery call using the button below and let's talk. 🙂

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