When you’re feeling insecure…

When you're feeling insecure, self-doubtful, even a little intimidated...

Lean into what you know.

Let me repeat that - and this time, maybe close your eyes and feel into the energy of that statement.

Lean into what you know.

How did that feel?

Comforting and settling? Or does your mind start to play tricks on you?

Here's an example to illustrate what I mean.

A while ago I was working with a new client.

Let's call her Minerva.

She's fabulous, really smart, very cerebral, witty, and kind of edgy. And high-profile, on first name terms with lots of famous people. 😮

And I realised, as we were talking, that I was starting to second-guess myself and the process.

I could hear myself sounding less confident, less convincing... and the session ended with the fear thought, well, that was unsatisfactory at best, completely hopeless at worst.

And I doubt she'll do any tapping in-between, much too busy and important, so there's no point even asking her...

Uugh. Panic! Sleepless night. 😳

The next morning I tapped:

'Even though I'm scared of Minerva, I love and accept myself completely.'

And I continued with all the thoughts ( Maybe this woo-woo stuff isn't real anyway, I don't know enough, She'll tell her friends I'm a fraud, etc etc.)

And feelings (shame, fear, worry).

And even memories that came up for me (other insecure moments - mainly auditions. 😢 )

And after tapping I had an epiphany of sorts... Minerva did a frikking free session with me. So she knew what she was getting and she still signed up!

So stop pulling back Jenny and LEAN IN!!

The following session my energy was completely different. I trusted that I know what I know and can help her... if I let myself try.

We had a really powerful call and at the end she said - I want to do the homework but I need really clear directions. Yoohoo!

So what do you know you know?

Think about your situation, whatever it is you're up to these days.

  • What works for you?
  • What have you learnt that you put into practice regularly?
  • What feels true to you?
  • What convinces you?
  • What feels solid?
  • How do you act when you're feeling confident and good about yourself?

Lean into that. Feel that energy.

And the next time your insecurity threatens to have you pull away, lean right back in.

Let me know how it goes! ❤️

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