When others bug you…

How do you get into a good mood in the morning?

Maybe a little yoga, meditation, a cup of coffee...??

We can be going along quite well, thinking our own thoughts, feeling pretty good....and then, someone else RUINS it!!

Or maybe you're online checking your social media...

and start to compare yourself to all those amazing, fabulous, super-high achievers out there. (Irony intended!)


So what can we do to restore and maintain our equilibrium? 

When someone upsets or annoys you, or makes you insecure or jealous, catch your thoughts and then try this fab little technique*

Take a big breath and say:


'For whatever reason...I am sending (this person) love and good wishes. I hope they have a fantastic day, get great news, are surrounded by people who they love and who love them, and feel really wonderful all day.'

Totally counterintuitive, I know, but try it and see how your energy - and theirs - changes.


PS. And when I'm feeling really cross I put my own name in there. 😉

*I learned this from my sister who got it from Bryan Hepler of Tathata Golf. Thank you both!

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  1. Elaine H MacDonald
    February 12, 2019

    LOVE this technique! Especially as applied in the PS – for myself. Brilliant work, Jenny!

    1. admin
      February 13, 2019

      Thank you Elaine. Yes, I find it really helpful. <3

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