Stressed Out Musician?

Are you a stressed out Musician, Stage Performer or Creative?

Are you too busy and frantically trying to squeeze in practice or appointments between other obligations... or are you under-employed with not enough going on?

Either situation creates a LOT of stress. And anxiety, even burn-out.😰

There seems to be an unwritten rule in our world - I'm talking here of musicians, artists & creatives - that if you're not flat out, running from thing to thing, then there is something wrong.

That having time off isn't a luxury, it's a failure.🥺

And this rule sends us into a spin of negative thoughts and doom-laden predictions. The 'Never Enoughs' as I call them:

  • There's never enough money
  • There are never enough opportunities
  • There's never enough success
  • There's never enough time
  • There's never enough appreciation

And ultimately... I'm never enough.


If this is triggering you... well, I'm glad you're here🙏

Because, you may not be able to change the whole profession in an instant (not even Covid seems to have done that ☹️) but you can do something about your own inner world.

As author and motivational speaker Dr Wayne Dyer said,

'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.'

And I'm on a mission to help you to do just that! I spent some time yesterday creating an EFT LESS STRESS tapping script & video that shows you how to reduce your stress so that you can relish each moment and feel optimistic and powerful wherever you are on your artistic journey.

As with all the tapping I do, we start by acknowledging the problem, what I call the 'But this is REAL stuff.'

We hit on the emotions coming up, the belief system we have in place which is stopping us from feeling good and able to move forward, and

Who wants it? Sign up below and you'll get the video AND the script right away!

You'll know what to say and you'll see how to tap so that you reduce stress, clear what's blocking you and start to see your way ahead to taking inspired action and feeling excited again about your possibilities.

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