Silencing the Inner 10-Year-Old

It seems to me there are two kinds of people in the world: People who love to talk in big groups and people who shrink back and stay as quiet as possible.

Which one do you most identify with? And if you're the second kind, how does that make you feel?

Now of course, there are situations where keeping quiet and under the radar is totally appropriate and the smart thing to do. (Just like not EFT Tapping in the policeman's face when you're being given a speeding ticket!)

But so often being more visible - and audible - is not only satisfying, it's also totally appropriate, acceptable behaviour, and can lead to really great things.

The problem is, our inner 10-year-old is actually the one running the show.

The one who got too excited and noisy, who cried 'Me, Me, Me!' in class one too many times, and was admonished by the teacher and told to 'give the other children a chance'.

And felt ashamed and humiliated... and also resentful and shut down. And learned not to take the risk of that happening again.

Can you imagine the freedom of letting him/her/them speak up? All the while trusting that, as a socialized grownup, you won't actually overstep or mess up.

In what situations do you wish you could let yourself be just a little more seen and heard?

If you want to increase your confidence, your visibility and your success, be sure to check out the new round of Tap into Your Visibility, my group program starting soon.

You'll overcome your fear and allow yourself to be seen and heard in a more confident and empowered way.

Your inner 10-year-old - and the world - will thank you! ❤️

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