Clear I’m Not Good Enough

Do you ever find yourself thinking 'I'm not good enough'?

As a musician, stage artist, creative, performer, chances are you have big goals and aspirations. Which is of course fantastic. But can also lead to some pretty (ugly) negative self-talk at times. 😟

One of the thoughts that can plague us is 'I'm not good enough'. And sadly, we have evidence from throughout our lives to back it up so it can feel very true.

Like all of these beliefs about ourselves, they wouldn't be a problem if they didn't come with a lot of negative emotion too. 

Emotions like sadness, frustration, shame, guilt and anxiety. They don't feel good, do they?

So we avoid taking the actions which would further our career. We avoid being more visible, and be seen and heard. And we miss out on more success and happiness for ourselves.

This is why Tapping is so helpful. 🤗

By uncoupling the emotions from the belief (that's the Freedom part of Emotional Freedom Techniques) we gently let them go. We can then take on more empowering beliefs.

In my tapping rounds, in sessions or in videos, I often use a great technique called Be Set Free Fast - invented by Dr Larry Nims

You tap round specific points, each connected to a specific emotion, repeating a specific phrase.

The repetition is super-simple, yet incredibly powerful - and very revealing. You may find yourself realizing 'I didn't even know I had that particular feeling so strongly!' 

And it's a huge relief to let those feelings go.

This brand-new video is just 10 minutes long - the BSFF part is around minute 6:15.

Notice how true 'I'm not good enough' feels for you (rate it on a scale of 1-10) at the beginning and then again at the end.

Here's to knowing YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!!!

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