Making Great Choices

We always have choices.

One of the books that has had a profound impact on me (and many people) is Victor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. It is both inspiring and very humbling. And its message is that we always have a choice.

I know that that sometimes that doesn’t feel very true for us (which is where tapping, and other clearing at a subconscious level, comes in.) But the aim is to insist and persist, the whole ‘keep calm and carry on’ thing.

I am a great believer in pressing re-set on every new day - deliberately making great choices.

Doing some exercise (and I love how the summer gives me time to get out for an early morning walk, absolutely the best way to start my day), clearing my energy and setting an intention.

Where do I put my focus?

Of course there are many facets to our lives and everyone is different, but focusing on the following 5 categories is pretty comprehensive:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality

Reminding myself of the ‘Today is the first day of the rest of my life’ sentiment and trying to start afresh.

Here is the Prayer/Daily Intention that I have on my wall right in front of my computer.

If you have done my 21 Days to Embrace Happiness Course with me this will be familiar. I encourage you to read it and allow yourself to conjure up the choices you can make every day to allow and receive goodness, meaning, joy and success into your life (and the lives of those around you.)

Today I Choose Health-Wealth-Success-Peace-Prosperity-Love

I remove all blocks, all obstacles, all resistance. I create the belief that this works for me, that it is my birth-right to achieve all that I truly desire. I am consistent, persistent and insistent. I can do this – it is the exact right moment for me to prosper and be happy.

I feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy, well and whole.


I have abundant money; everything I need and plenty to spare and share. I give and receive joyfully and easily, in the flow of abundance.


I do the thing I love to do, for the joy and the thrill of it. I serve others and I benefit humanity. I bless that which I want and wish others success and prosperity, secure in the knowledge that there is unlimited abundance for all who ask.


I CHOOSE LOVE, PEACE, CONNECTION AND JOY in all of my relationships.

I am cheerful and good-tempered. I live in PEACE, HARMONY, INTEGRITY, SECURITY AND HAPPINESS.

I am inspired, wise and a part of Divine Order.


I am tapping into the power of my subconscious mind. I am now aligning with all that is good and true within and without, for the highest good of all.

What is ONE thing you can do today for:

Your health?

Your wealth?

Your career success?

Your relationships?

Your inner peace?

It could be tiny, or it could be huge. Here are some ideas:

  • Do 5 minutes of deep breathing, walk round the block or quit smoking.
  • Identify and clear one of your money blocks, sell something on e-bay or ask for a raise at work.
  • Make a plan for the day, complete that thing you started or get in contact with someone who could help you in your business.
  • Smile at someone, write an appreciative note or ask someone to marry you.
  • Meditate and/or pray for 10 minutes, journal or forgive someone (maybe even yourself).


You get the picture.


And finally, here’s the advice I used to give my violin students –




Comment or reply with some of your action steps and I will send you the audio and PDF of this Daily Prayer/Intention as a gift - and thank you for reading. ❤️


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  1. Jean Dansak
    August 5, 2019

    Having choices seems to be a theme for me recently. I really appreciate your comments and daily intention!!!
    I choose peace and kindness, compassion and understanding for all mankind.
    Every day I will do more than nothing to spread kindness!! 💓
    Thanks, Jenny 🤗

    1. admin
      August 5, 2019

      So great that this fit in with your current theme Jean. I know you are a wonderful spreader of kindness and an inspiration to me too. ❤️ Thank you for commenting.

  2. Lena
    August 5, 2019

    Recently I started looking at some problems as opportunities. If there is an event or situation I am dreading but can not avoid, in stead of feeling upset or bitter about it I deliberately tell myself “I choose to see this as an opportunity, not as a problem”. Then I start thinking of what can be done to turn this situation into something positive.

    1. admin
      August 5, 2019

      Ooh, I love this Lena. Not always easy but so valuable to look for the good in every situation. Wonderful choices. ❤️

  3. Casey
    August 5, 2019

    Hi Jenny, I love your posts. I contacted 4 people today that I haven’t seen for awhile to let them know I was thinking about them. I was intending to make them feel good, but it made me feel so good.

    1. admin
      August 13, 2019

      Hi Casey, it’s so good to hear from you. What a great action step to take, so simple and yet so far-reaching. Thank you so much for sharing it here. <3

  4. Julie Mundt
    August 6, 2019

    “I did more than nothing!” has become a daily mantra for me since you first introduced it to us. It is the mantra of all mantras for me that cuts like a hot knife through butter. We can try so hard to feel good about ourselves, but being able to say this honestly every day is the most efficient path to true self-esteem in my opinion and the best cure for self-sabotage. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to saying this one—and getting a high five for it.

    1. admin
      August 13, 2019

      Yes Julie!! Totally agree with you – ‘I did more than nothing’ gives such a glow of (self) satisfaction and I love its flexibility too – it doesn’t have to be 100 pushups or 20 emails written, just 1 is more than nothing!! Thanks for commenting. <3

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