‘I’m too __:(__’

How often do you say to yourself: 'I'm too __:(__' (old/young/fat/thin/stupid/shy etc)?

And how does that make you feel?

Chances are, pretty crappy, right? And certainly not more motivated to take action and go for your dreams!!

'I'm too __:(__' is one of those toxic, no-good phrases which pop into your head and create all kinds of havoc - on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Actually, even spiritual - I can just imagine the Soul Eye-Roll as the old narrative gets going...

☹️ On a physical level, that kind of despairing, self-critical, damning statement, sends a flood of chemicals - chiefly stress hormones - into the body. That's your 'first environment' and it's directly affected by your thoughts. Over time, all kinds of nasties can appear... what felt like an inconsequential remark can have profound results.

☹️ Mentally, it gets the negative snowball rolling,,, a stream of consciousness, ever more destructive. The very opposite of creative, which is what we're really all about - especially us Artists - and what we truly desire. (Back to that Soul Level.)

☹️ And emotionally, well, just feel into your statement. Is it sadness and hopelessness? Or shame and guilt? Or anger and frustration? Whatever it is, there's a feeling of constriction, not expansion.

'I'm too __:(__'and it's identical twin 'I'm not __:)___ enough', are Limiting Beliefs, one of the Nine Dark-Zones that I've identified recently.

These are areas that affect us profoundly, very often on a subconscious level, and which MUST be addressed in order to achieve Artistic Success and Fulfillment.

So what can we do about this? Except just telling ourselves to STOP IT !!!

  • Well, the first step is always awareness (you can't fix what you don't know).
  • Then a healing step, such as EFT Tapping, where we acknowledge and honor our thoughts and feelings, heal old wounds and clear the energy.
  • And that can lead to profound new ways of looking at things (AKA Reframing or viewing from a new perspective.)

One reframe I love to entertain is:

'I don't know the bigger picture. What if I was JUST THE RIGHT _____ (age/weight/intelligence quota etc)?

And that NO MATTER WHO I AM OR WHAT I DO everything is working out for my highest good and for the highest good of all.'

Replacing the inner self-talk with a more resourceful option is VITAL for your well-being and for your success.

And the funny thing is, it doesn't matter if it's true or not, ALL of it is made up anyway, we just add the meaning later. (Now, that's one to ponder!)


Check out Part 2: My 7-Step Process to Clear Your Limiting Self-Talk.

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