Pink light to heal procrastination

Heal Procrastination in 5 Steps

Sometimes I find myself stuck or reluctant to move forward - especially at this time of year. Post summer holidays; feeling lazy about getting back to 'real' life, with all its worries & wants, all the stresses and anxieties, the challenges and problems.

That's when procrastination really sets in.

And often it feels I just have to push through, force myself to try to get the momentum going.

But what if it could be easier? What if, by reflecting on the worries & wants that are hovering just below the surface, causing the sluggishness, then I could get back into the flow much more easily and effortlessly? Let go of the procrastination and feel great as I make smooth, swift progress.

Sound good?

I have come up with a 5 step healing process, based on meditations that I love to do regularly. A process that I find really helps to clear my resistance and/or troubled feelings in any situation.

Here it is:

Think of any situation which is bothering you. Especially one which is causing procrastination and resistance.

Let's take 5 steps to shine some light on it and allow ourselves to heal.

Take a piece of paper or journal and something to write with.

Allow yourself 10-20 minutes for Steps 1 to 4 (reflection) and another 5-10 minutes for Step 5 (meditation.)

I love to use this free online meditation timer.  

1. Describe

Describe the situation briefly. What's going on? Is anyone else involved?
Is it present, past or future?


2. Your Feelings

What emotions arise when you think about the situation? Where do you feel those in your body?


3. Your Worries

What are your worries around this situation?


4. Your Wants

What are your wants?


5. Pink Light Meditation

Try the following short meditation to send love to the situation:

Find a comfortable seat where you won't be disturbed for the next 5 to 10 minutes. 

Close your eyes.

Take 3 deep, slow breaths. Breathe in slowly, feeling your lungs, chest and belly expand, and breathe out, feeling them contract.

Allow your body to relax. Relax your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks and your jaw. Relax your tongue.

Relax your shoulders, your waist and your hips.

Feel your arms and legs heavy and relaxed. Relax your hands and your feet.

Allow your brainwaves to slow down - just set an intention to be in a slow, relaxed state, that feeling just before sleep or just when you awaken. Slow them down, feel yourself getting calmer and more peaceful.

Now, think of this troubling situation. It can be any situation. Picture it in your mind. See yourself in the situation.

What are your worries and wants?
Give yourself time to speak them in your mind, to acknowledge them.

Now think of someone or something that makes you feel love or laughter. Feel that in your body and capture that sensation.

Keep hold of that feeling as you imagine a pink light of love, coming down from above, from source, the universe, god, however you want to imagine it.

Now imagine a triangle of pink light - between your heart, from source creator and to this situation. Flood the situation with this light, with love.

Know that love is very powerful and can heal anything. Keep this energy of love and joy, and keep away the energy of worry. Bathe the situation in this pink light. Allow it to penetrate every molecule, every atom, allow it to infuse it with this energy of love.

Now see yourself happy and smiling, knowing that this situation is resolved.

Know that it's safe now to move forward, to act and take on new challenges. There is no need for procrastination or holding back.

You don't need to know how or why, just trust that the power of love and your intention to heal is enough.

When you are ready, become aware of your breathing once more.

Start to move your fingers and toes a little, feel the weight of your body on your seat and slowly open your eyes.

*Pink light meditation inspired by Marlene Marion and others on Youtube. Many thanks. ❤️


I hope that this 5 step process is helpful.

(Remember: 1. Describe; 2. Your feelings; 3. Your worries; 4. Your wants; 5. Pink light meditation.)

I'd love to hear back from you with your experience with this process - and as a thank you I'm offering the first 3 people to respond the chance to work through it with me - with EFT tapping included, to really clear the blocks - at a whopping 40% discount.

Contact me at: or +34 653 860504


Wishing you much joy, love and peace.

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  1. Elaine H MacDonald
    September 10, 2019

    Brilliant as always, Jenny! Love the first four steps, of really coming to grips with the ‘procrastination project’ (I’ve got a few of them going – or rather, a few of them, not going!) Was hoping for an audio of your pink light meditation; maybe it’s here somewhere, and I’m missing it?

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