Give Yourself an A

Can you give yourself an A?

In several conversations I've had with clients this week, the subject of 'how we were taught' has come up.

Yes, we've all had great, inspiring teachers who have encouraged us to be MORE of who we can be.😊

But we've also had many teachers who, despite their best of intentions (maybe), have had the exact opposite effect. 😣

EFT Tapping is great to deal with those memories and the fallout (usually in the form of limiting beliefs) that they create.

But the question I ask myself is this: Is it possible to teach ONLY by talking about what's going right, and perhaps adding helpful information, instead of the constant nitpicking, pointing out the tiniest of mistakes, overladen with disappointment and frustration?

I have been reading a book this week which turned out to deal with just this subject.

A practice from 'The Art of Possibility', by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander, gave me the title for this blog.

In their inspiring book they talk about giving their graduate students a grade A from Week 1 of the course. The only requirement is that each student writes a letter, dated the following May, explaining how they achieved that outstanding grade. 😮

This reminds me of an exercise that I do with clients called 'Your 5 Star Review'.

It's a powerful way to counteract all the inner voices of self-doubt, self-judgement and Impostor Syndrome, and leaves you feeling as happy and open to possibility as the Zanders' lucky students were.

What do you think? How do you approach this within your mind or your classroom? Can you give yourself (and the people around you) an A this week? 😍

Let me know!

Watch my 3-minute 'small-talk' on this subject:

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