Deep-Clean Video Life-Lessons 😀

Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole 😄

A few days ago I went down a YouTube rabbit hole (as you do!)...and ended up watching this incredible Finnish lady. Her tagline is 'I deep-clean my followers' houses... for FREE!!'

And she says it with a HUGE GRIN on her face... because, as she points out, 'I LOVE cleaning!!'

Now I've watched cleaning videos before.😁 And, I have to say, found them incredibly satisfying!!

Starting with a big, filthy MESS, shining a proverbial spotlight right at it, and systematically working through, with energy and purpose (and a lot of Fairy liquid), until everything is shiny and clean and orderly.

Soooo satisfying!

But this woman has something extra.

She runs the whole show from such a joyful angle - 'Oh, this is SO FILTHY, I LOVE IT!! I'm so HAPPY!!!'

And she does so without any judgment. At. All.

No, 'OMG, how can these people live like this?' Not even an 'Ewww, this is disgusting!'

When something smells revolting she runs to the other side of the room giggling, takes two deep breaths, and then charges back in to do the job.


Here are my takeaways from that extended YT session:

  • Joyful beats judgmental any time!
    Look for the joy and humour in anything you do. It may take some thinking outside the box, and looking around for inspiration, but it's so worth it.
  • This is what I do with my coaching and EFT Tapping!!
    See that tangled mess of old thoughts, feelings, memories, beliefs, judgements! Let's look at it square in the face, tackle it with courage, love and honesty,and clean it up.
  • Focus on your genius and don't let the rest bog you down.
    This Finnish lady doesn't speak much English, in fact her first videos were in her native language with subtitles. But then she must have decided to go for it and not worry about the imperfections. We get to benefit from, and love, the result.
  • Compassion comes from understanding.
    Reading the video description you'll see that the people she's cleaning for are struggling with big life challenges. Knowing that allows in the kindness and caring - and that feels so much better!
Wow, she's my new hero!! ❤️ Check Aurikatariina out here:


If you would like to do some joyful, non-judgmental, INNER house-cleaning, let me know!

I work with people via my 3-session EFT Intro Package and my longer Deep Dive Individual Program.

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- and let's talk.

Wishing you a joyful, happy, sparkling-clean day!


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