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The more I use EFT for myself and with my clients, the more I realize that nearly every issue or problem is super-complex and requires multiple tapping rounds – ideally tapping daily to clear what comes up as life presents new facets to be explored.

They say that it takes (at least) 21 days to create a new habit, so with these programs my aim is to help tapping become a part of your regular daily routine, a sort of ‘energy hygiene’, just as you wash your teeth or brush your hair every day. (Hopefully, anyway!)


SolopreneursDon’t go it alone! Tap on the many things that face you as you create and manage your business. 

Website resistance – Oh, the fears and limiting beliefs that come up here are unbelievable. Let’s clear them together.

Quit a bad habit – What do you want to let go of that ain’t serving you? Tap to make it happen this time. 

Your creative self – We were all born creative…but many of us lost it along the way. Let’s change that and create.


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Customized tapping videos
21 videos for you!

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