Want to co-create a 21 Day Tapping Program with me and get customized videos?

Upcoming programs:


JUNE 17th 2019 - Quit a Bad Habit - MORE INFO AND JOIN HERE  Want to take advantage of the summer to break free from that bad habit? Sugar, nail-biting, smoking, too much telly...if will-power alone was enough you'd've cracked it by now. Use the power of tapping in a group to QUIT THAT BAD HABIT!!

JULY 1st 2019 - Embrace Happiness - MORE INFO AND JOIN HERE Create the habit of happiness. Discover the 3 pillars and how to raise your happiness set-point and feel fabulous.


September 2019 - The inner critic - Change your inner voice to one of love and kindness and really see how your life changes.

November 2019 - Create a healthy habit - Do you want to start meditation, yoga, exercising more, or implement another positive habit?

I would love to hear what YOU would like to tap on. Let me know HERE.



Here's how this works:

1.  Decide which program(s) you are interested in joining and email me - jenny@jennyclift.com

2. Choose THE PRICE YOU WANT to pay (see below) and click the link. It's up to you, pay what feels good right now, it's all the same course.

3. Join me online for a 1 HOUR GROUP CALL (I will send you the Zoom link) - Q&A and brainstorming on how we will use EFT tapping for the specific topic that month.

4. Join the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where I will post DAILY TAPPING VIDEOS (for 21 DAYS) - you tap in your own time and journal on what comes up for you.

5. You COMMENT in the group and I will reply and create the new videos with what is coming up for you.

6. After the 21 days are up the videos will be available for you to TAP ALONG to FOREVER! *

*Jenny Clift reserves the right to employ the daily videos for promotional, marketing or commercial purposes.

Every program includes:


As a thank you for paying the higher price you will be put in a drawer for a 30 minute 1:1 with me.

47€ (≈$52)



Private 1-on-1 sessions – If you love individual support you can choose three 1-on-1 sessions. We’ll tackle the specific things that stop you from moving forward easily and joyfully.

If you want to experience the incredible results that can be had from individual coaching - the emotional clearing, the a-ha moments, the tears and the laughter, go directly to the button  and sign-up now. There’s only a limited number of spaces for  1-on-1 clients, and I’d LOVE one of them to be YOU!

You will also receive the ENTIRE 21 Days of Tapping group program that you choose.- the initial group call, the Facebook private group, the feedback and interaction there and all 21  videos - the whole package at this super-optimal price!!
Your investment in YOURSELF! 272€ (≈$309)



21 Days of Tapping Group Program + 3 individual coaching sessions.