21 Days of Tapping for Website Resistance

Omigosh, the resistance and fears and limiting beliefs that come up for us as we contemplate our websites is quite unbelievable. In these 21 Days of Tapping we are going to clear as much stuff as possible - allowing ourselves to have a fantastic website to use as a tool to create an amazingly, successful business.

Download your Initial Exploration Handout:

There is so much technology involved with creating and runnng a website. Let's tap on our fears  and defeat this terrifying technology monster for once and for all!

Are you struggling to name your website? Is it impossible to settle on the perfect domain name? Let's tap so we can commit to a name and create our fabulous website.

Do you find it hard to dedicate time to creating or managing your website? Does life sabotage you and get in the way? Let's clear the blocks and get our websites named for the good of all.

Do you resist narrowing down your audience? Or want your website to be right for everybody? Clear any need to 'please everybody all the time' and  attract your perfect audience.

There is so much to do, to learn and to juggle with your website. Tap with me, to clear the anxiety and then create a 6 step plan to help move through the overwhelm and take action.

As  we make our website this question can come up many times. It's tempting to decide that we don't need one...but, actually, we do! Let's tap to say Yes! to our website.

Creating our website really triggers a fear of being too visible; of being vulnerable to criticism, judgment and even ridicule. But the point of a website is to be seen... so let's tap.

Are you struggling to create your Home Page? Not sure what to put there and afraid that it won't be effective? Let's tap so we can give our website visitors a wonderful welcome.

Our About Page can trigger all kinds of anxiety and limiting beliefs about our self-value, 'not good enough' as well as the fear of sharing too much and making ourselves vulnerable.

On this page define our offer, and then - horrors - decide whether to put the prices on or not. Let's clear the blocks and get our business out there via this essential part of our website.

Our Blog page can trigger our fears of not being original or creative enough, and that it will be hard work. We'll tap first on those fears and then tap in some of the positives of having a blog.

A part of you may need 'permission' to have a website - to feel qualified, unique, or special enough to even deserve one. No tapping today, but a guided meditation. Enjoy!

Let's not get bogged down in the 'I can't afford a website' 'It's so expensive' etc. Do this positive tapping round and call in the money to afford to build your beautiful website.

After putting in so much effort, time and money into a website, the fear of 'But no one will see it anyway' can arise.  Let's clear our emotions and get excited about our website again.

Are you struggling with the text and content that you need for your website?  Let's reduce the fears and doubts and tap into feeling creative and inspired, and even enjoy the process.

Do you find yourself getting discouraged when you compare your fledgling website to others? Let's tap to clear negative thoughts and then tap in a bunch of positive quotes to stop this habit.

Are you confused and afraid of the pages that deal with the legalities of your website? Let's clear the emotions, allow in common sense, and feel safe and good about creating these pages.

Does the thought 'It has to be perfect' stop you from completing and publishing your website? Let's move into a more accepting frame of mind, and put our website out there.

Doing it all alone? Is it hard for you to let go of the control?   Let's allow other people to help, share their expertise, and become a trusted partner as we create our website.

Sometimes we get fixated and don't realize that we're stuck. This tapping will help you to step back, take a break, and come back to your website with fresh eyes and renewed vigor.

In this tapping round we will use the Be Set Free Fast wording to clear the remaining trapped emotions which are stopping us from feeling really good about our website.

After clearing any remaining website resistance with Day 21, part 1, use this super-positive tapping round to get into a great-feeling place with your website.