Check out my 21 Days of Tapping Video Series and create your own daily habit.


Each video is short (between 5 and 10 minutes) and can be done anywhere (within reason!)

As you tap along you can easily substitute the words I am saying for others which feel more true for you in that moment.

You can tap with either hand (or even both) - don't get too hung up on the details. Just get tapping!

While these short videos are not a substitute for the specific work that can be done working one on one with a practitioner they are offered as a convenient and accessible resource. I hope you will  find them to be of great benefit to you as you tap into a better life.

These videos are also easy to share with others who could use some support, so please feel free to let others know about them.

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21 Days of Tapping forWebsite Resistance


21 Days of Tapping to Quit a Bad Habit


21 Days of Tapping into Your Creative Self


Here's to your best life ever!

How to tap:


Identify the upset and rate it on a scale of 1-10.

Tap on the side of the hand saying: 'Even though I (issue), I love and accept myself.'

Using a couple of fingers, tap round the points shown - for as long as feels right (or as you follow along with the video.

Stop tapping, take a deep breath and re-rate the upset.

Repeat the process until the intensity comes right down (to a 2 or less.)

''Love this! I especially like how we can tap out the negative, and then shift and do a few rounds on What We DO Want. Very powerful, thanks Jenny.''

Elaine H MacDonald, Writer and Online Marketer