Fast Track to Fame Group Program

Starts November 9th, 2021

As a Musican, Stage Artist & Creative do you ever...
😳procrastinate on the things that really matter to you?
😳have an overly self-critical, perfectionist, inner voice?
😳suffer comparing yourself to others (on social media, as a player etc)?
😳still have past memories of bombed auditions, negative teachers etc?

😳find it hard to create a vision or goals for your career or life?

If you've answered 'yes' to any (or all) of these then Fast Track to Fame Fall may well be for you. 😀

This is a comprehensive 3 month program where you’ll be guided, step-by-step, in uncovering and then letting go of 3 major aspects of subconscious programming that secretly limit your artistic success, confidence and joy.


Jenny Clift, Violinist & EFT Coach for Musicians, Stage Performers & Creatives

But that is not all! As we clear the roots to your deepest blocks to both success AND your value as an Artist, we bring out more of your natural confidence, personal power, and enthusiastic action...

...and that changes EVERYTHING!

This is about you feeling FREE to be the most powerful, on-fire version of yourself, to earn MORE and create opportunities without limits.

Spring 2021 saw Fast Track to Fame round #1, with a group of amazing musicians, stage performers and creatives, and now we're back for another ground-breaking, life-changing program!!

As a professional violinist and EFT Tapping Coach, I am uniquely positioned to understand and help you uncover and clear the limiting beliefs, patterns and internal obstacles that are getting in your way... and speed up your process to success!

Over 3 months - starting November 2021 - I'll be working closely with a group of musicians, stage artists and creatives just like you!

During our time together, through the live calls with me, individual sessions, a specially created private Facebook group, and guest speaker calls, you'll take on a whole new belief system - one that supports you on your journey to sharing your gifts and talents with the world.


During the last years I've talked to - and tapped with - hundreds of musicians, stage performers and creatives, and noticed so many common patterns.

They were the same ones that held me back in my own music career and which I overcame with the help of EFT tapping and a coach, and by changing my mindset and my energy to create the success which previously I hadn't believed possible for me.

I've identified the 7 major areas that most commonly stand in the way of artists moving forward.

In Fast Track to Fame Fall 2021, we’re going to uncover and clear the blocks in 3 of those areas.

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If you love the energy and community of a group - being able to learn, share and benefit from others in a similar situation, going through similar challenges and together experiencing the solutions - you're in the right place!

Participants' Feedback from Fast Track to Fame Spring 2021:

“I feel like I made great progress with visibility in particular. I feel so much more at peace about my past in regards to specific people. I also feel more empowered about my money mindset and owning my worth! (I'm loving my fresh flowers in my studio and I'm not feeling guilty about it! I'm still in search of the perfect painting).

It was great to see that other people struggle with the same kinds of issues. I also loved the tapping handouts so I could get a lot out of tapping on my own.”

Kathleen Covalt, Violin performer & educator

“It was so great to be with this wonderful group working through some common challenges, but in our own way.

We all have blocks - it's the human experience! the good news is that we can move through them, and FTTF is perfectly suited for artists to move forward with more ease.”

Jennifer Rosenfeld, Business Coach for Musicians, Composer

Meet your coach


Hi! I'm Jenny Clift and I'm on a mission to banish the harmful behaviours and mindsets that are put upon musicians by their families, by the industry and by society, and that stand in the way of them reaching their full potential artistically and professionally.

Way back I dropped out of music college and gave up the violin - and my dream of becoming a professional performer - for a full 8 years.

But the artistic bug wouldn't leave me alone and I took up my instrument once again and started the long, and very winding, road to success in this so challenging field.


Back in 2011, after discovering EFT Tapping and other energy techniques - as well as completing a myriad of mindset, personal development and music-specific programs - I achieved a level of professional success that I had never believed possible (and that my music college professor had assured me would never happen.)

I decided to train as an EFT Coach in order to help other musicians, stage performers, and artists like myself, achieve the success they desire and are willing to work towards.

This program is a part of my mission and a part of my dream for all of us in this incredibly challenging, sometimes even soul-destroying - but also incredibly rewarding - profession.

The Program & Sign-Up links

Fast Track to Fame is a 3 Month Online Group Program - November 2021 to January 2022.
There are two ways to experience this mind-opening, life-changing, emotion-freeing program (Group or VIP levels):

In the Group:

⚡️10 Weekly 90-minute Group calls
3 x 3-week cycles of Content Calls, Follow-up Tapping Calls, and Open Tapping & Q&A Calls + Final Integration and Implementation Session
Giving you the maximum chance to work in depth on what’s coming up specifically for you.
There will be a pause in the second half of December to allow for the concert/holiday season.

⚡️ Structured Tapping and Journaling
in-between sessions

⚡️ 2 Guest Speaker Calls
Introducing other modalities – new techniques to add to your inner toolbox.

⚡️1 x 60-minute 1 to 1 with me
You will have the opportunity to go really deep into your specific situation and challenges.

⚡️ Private Facebook group
With support from me and the group, as well as related challenges, resources & videos etc.

⚡️Resources, handouts, replays of all the calls

⚡️ Group and VIP tiers available
The VIP level includes 3 additional Individual Tapping Coaching calls with me.


Your investment for all the above:

1 time payment of 1400 USD or
3 monthly installments of $475 each


Or... as a VIP (Limited spots available):

All the above PLUS:

⚡️3 x 60+ minute 1:1s with me

⚡️Email/Voxer support throughout the program

Want to take advantage of my VIP offer?

Your individual sessions with me, your coach, will be deep, very specific to YOUR situation, completely confidential, and aimed to help you move forward fast!

The VIPs in my Spring Cohort were 100% in agreement that the 1 to 1 sessions with me were LIFE-CHANGING!! Limited spaces available so act fast!

Your investment for the VIP package:

1 payment of 2000 USD or
3 monthly installments of $675 each

NB!! For my European friends contact me to pay directly in euros!

Contact me at jenny@jennyclift.com

All this and more...

Previous FTTF participants say:

“100% take the program! Jenny offers an exceptional experience! She is incredibly knowledgeable and is devoted to her client's successes!”
Lynne Stukart, Flutist & Educator, Coach for Creatives

“A fantastic program! The energy created by the group is top notch, and Jenny knows just how to frame things to create big internal shifts!”
Julia Radosz, Opera Singer, Vocal Technician, Founder of Voice with Julia

“Jenny goes above and beyond in her offerings and FTTF was no exception! She is very thorough, engaging and interested in helping you improve your life experiences through EFT. I highly recommend Jenny's courses to anyone!”
Heather Atha, Violinist, Suzuki Violin Teacher

“It's such a game changer to have actual tools to handle this demanding job being an artist.”
Lana Hartmann, Soprano

“I highly recommend working with Jenny! She has great energy and enthusiasm and really helps you get to the root of your issue, acknowledge it and then help release it through tapping. The support of the group helps you see that others are struggling with similar things and that you're not alone.”
Kathleen Covalt, Violinist & Educator


Contact me to find out which option is the best for YOU - group or VIP*

Email me at jenny@jennyclift.com or use the button to set up your FTTF No-Strings-Attached Discovery Call and let's talk.

*VIP level, limited spaces available


Where is the course held?
We'll meet on Zoom - I will share the link with all course participants well in advance.
The other component is the private Facebook group, and I encourage everyone to be a part of the community there.
I will share course resources, recordings and materials there as well as by email & Google Docs with all the participants.

What are the session dates and how long do they last?
The 10 group sessions:

November 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th
December 7th & 14th
January 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th

Guest Speaker Calls - Dates TBD

All the calls are Tuesdays at 10amPST/1pmEST/7pmCET.
Each one is 90 minutes long.

What if I can't make one of the calls?

I will record each session for everyone to keep and re-listen, or listen to if they couldn't make the call.

What will we cover in the sessions?
We will delve into the topics of the Two Ps –Perfectionism & Procrastination; Other people – including healing past trauma, & the Two Cs, Comparison & Competition etc; the 2 Hidden Blocks: Artistic & Goal Trauma; as well as individual and collective beliefs which come up over the course of our work.

I have a good career but realized it's been the same for the last 3 years - and with the pandemic it's even worse. Is this course right for me?
Yes. We can hit resistance to breaking through our success 'glass ceiling' and not even know why or how to fix it. We'll explore and clear the underlying blocks which keep us stuck and frustrated in our careers.

What techniques or modalities will we use in the course?
We will use EFT tapping as well as other processes (visualization, guided meditation, energy techniques, eye movement techniques, etc) to clear as many blocks and limiting beliefs that we can around success.

Will there be homework?
I will help you to form your own tapping habit, encouraging you to tap between the calls - sending you handouts and homework where appropriate.

Is there somewhere I can connect with the course participants?
There will be a private Facebook group, just for the members of this group program. This will be a place for ACES: Accountability, Celebration, Encouragement and Support.
That's where the community happens and I encourage everybody to join in there.

This career stuff is sensitive. How can I protect my privacy in a group?
Confidentiality is a MUST within the group. What we talk about and tap on in the calls and in the Facebook group, stays there - that way we know that we can be open and honest with ourselves without fear. Also, it is not necessary to say everything out loud while you are tapping. Things clear even when they stay in the privacy of our own minds.

Even so, I think I'd prefer to do the course individually. Is that an option? How about a combination of the two?
Absolutely. Working one to one allows us to go in really deep and clear thoughts, beliefs, old stories, memories and unhelpful patterns....allowing you to move forward quickly and joyfully. Schedule a call to talk to me about the VIP option using the orange button below.

How much does the whole course cost and are there payment plans?

The group option is $1,400 or 3x $475

The VIP option is $2,000 or 3x $675

Contact me to find out which level is right for you.

Or... use the button below to set up a 15 min FTTF Discovery Call.

(All prices are in USD- please contact me for prices/payment methods in Euros.)

I have more questions. How can I contact Jenny?
Email me at jenny@jennyclift.com and I will reply ASAP.
Or simply schedule a FTTF Discovery call using the button below and let's talk. 🙂

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