#1 - The Two Ps
Perfectionism & Procrastination

The first two don’t really need any explanation!

If you’re a perfectionist, especially where your art and your career is concerned, welcome to the club!!

It’s a part of our training, a part of our conditioning and what we are encouraged to strive for.

But the result is that anything less than perfect - mistakes, or so-called failures - can be a real problem and unleash an absolute torrent of self-doubt & self-criticism, and despair.

Not only does it take away from the joy, but it also reduces what we’re prepared to go for, the risks we’re prepared to take.

The other P is Procrastination.

In our society, one which places huge focus on action, it seems like procrastination doesn't make sense.

But we've learnt to procrastinate by seeing the people around us leave things to the very last minute, or by being required to do things – think school homework or household chores – that we found tedious or hard. So we’d put them off until the very last minute, then complete them in a panic to avoid getting into trouble.

That creates a very real pattern of ‘I can’t do anything without a deadline, I can’t self-motivate, the whole process is going to be painful.’

So we'll look at, and clear, your unconscious, underlying reasons and beliefs. The motivation you have for holding back, for waiting, for avoiding getting things done.

#2 - The Two Cs
The Comparison & Competition Trap

We’ll clear trauma around people related to our art, our careers, our training… and the different messages we picked up.

These may be from our parents, teachers, colleagues & peers. Different people who’ve we’ve bumped up against, who’ve created limiting beliefs or triggered us in big ways.

In a group we can do a lot of healing as well as looking at, and reinventing our past, both on a conscious and an unconscious level.

We can interrupt the negative patterns that play out over and over again, freeing you up to create massive success.

#3 - The Two Hidden Barriers
Your Artistic and Goal Traumas

Unlike the previous two Areas, this maybe something you don’t even know you have!!

Together we’ll uncover and clear these two massive sources of negative energy, shame, self-recrimination, and self-doubt.

The Artistic Trauma Process allows you to reclaim your self-belief and confidence and release a massive amount of energy and drive toward your new goals.

The Goal Trauma Process will let you experience a big change you can feel on the inside - freeing you from a heavy, dark cloud has been hanging over your success for a long time and opening up your true, embodied passion and deeper desire for your dreams.

#4 - All Other Business - This is YOUR time!

We’ll cover all of the above – the 2 Ps, the 2 Cs and the 2 Hidden Barriers - and... whatever else comes up for you and the other members of the group as we explore your success paradigm together.