Join me next Monday, February 4th, 2019 for
21 Days of Tapping into Your Creative Self


  • Would you like to access your creativity in a much bigger way?
  • What does being creative mean to you?
  • What's stopping you from expressing yourself and feeling good about your creativity?
You may want to recover (or discover) the artist within you...

or maybe it's the musician, poet, photographer, actor, dancer, graphic designer etc. etc. You name it!

And there will be a lot of healing along the way. <3

We start Monday February 4th with the live group call (on Zoom) at 10amPST, 1pmEST, 6pmUK, 7pmCET.

where we will brainstorm the fears, beliefs, emotions and other stuff that comes up around our creativity.

Apart from the bonus call (on Thursday  February 21st) that's the only time-restrained part of the course.


I will post a new (5-12 minute) video for the following 21 Days.

Tap with each video in your own time and journal on what comes up for you.

And COMMENT and POST in the private Facebook group!!

That's where I will get material for upcoming videos, so the more you post, the more this will be personalized for YOU!!

And the more you will get out of the course!!!

I am really looking forward to the breakthroughs, clearings, healing and fun that we're going to have. 🙂


Here's to the joy, value and fun that releasing our creative selves will bring - to ourselves and to the world.

Jenny xxx

A Einstein, Creativity

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EFT tapping can really help

- clear your creative blocks

- eliminate the emotions around past 'failures'

- open yourself up to so much fun, joy and new purpose in life!

I realize some may not be familiar with EFT. A brief explanation is that it is similar to acupuncture only tapping with fingers (no needles!) You will be tapping on the meridian points that help bring about change.
Watch this very short video »»»

Welcome to 21 Days of Tapping into Your Creative Self


Where would you like to be more creative?


I used to believe I wasn't creative. Even though I was a trained musician and had a desire to write and make new things.
I did a LOT of tapping around my own creativity...and ended up making 2 CDs, several online courses, writing a book, making Youtube videos, and all the images for my website and courses! This stuff works!

My intention with these 21 Days of Tapping is to help you feel understood and validated, and to know that you are not alone in your challenges and struggles. And then to feel empowered and excited enough to rediscover the fun, and nurture and expand into your own creative self.

And by creating a daily tapping habit you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of joy and success - that is my ultimate desire for you.

Download your Initial Exploration Handout:

The program includes:-

PLUS... I'm adding a BONUS group online call:  'Tips and tricks to use free to create great images and handouts.'


All the handouts I create and the images on my website, Youtube channel, Facebook page etc are made using this great FREE tool. I rave about it to everyone!!

If you like the images like the one on the right, you'll love seeing how easy it is to make them for yourself!

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Here's how this works:

1. Choose THE PRICE YOU WANT to pay (see below) and click the link. It's up to you, pay what feels good right now, it's all the same course.

2. Join me online for a 1 HOUR GROUP CALL (I will send you the Zoom link) - Q&A and brainstorming on how we will use EFT tapping for the specific topic that month.

3. Join the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where I will post DAILY TAPPING VIDEOS (for 21 DAYS) - you tap in your own time and journal on what comes up for you.

4. You COMMENT in the group and I will reply and create the new videos with what is coming up for you.

5. After the 21 days are up the videos will be available for you to TAP ALONG to FOREVER! *

6. And don't forget the BONUS call where I'll show you how to use free to make great images.

*Jenny Clift reserves the right to employ the daily videos for promotional, marketing or commercial purposes.


You choose what you want to pay! (It's all the same course.)






  • Private 1-on-1 sessions – If you prefer individual support you can choose three 1-on-1 sessions. We’ll tackle the specific things that are holding YOU back, stopping you from exploring, enhancing and enjoying your own creativity. 
    If you want to experience the incredible results that can be had from individual coaching - the emotional clearing, the a-ha moments, the tears and the laughter, go directly to the button  and sign-up now. There’s only a limited number of spaces for  1-on-1 clients, and I’d LOVE one of them to be YOU!
  • You will also receive the ENTIRE Tapping into Your Creative Self group program - the February 4th group call, the BONUS call, the Facebook private group, the feedback and interaction there and all 21  videos - the whole package at this super-optimal price!!
    Your investment in YOURSELF! 272€ (≈$309)

1:1 Option
272€ (≈$309)

Here's what previous course members have to say about the 21 Days of Tapping programs:

I have felt more flow and more relaxed about getting things done and less bothered about procrastination after these 21 days. And YES, I actually do get things done! Thanks Jenny!! 

Vivian Ch, Pianist

 I am grateful for this 21-day to quit a bad habit program. It has helped me move the needle forward on not just one bad habit but also helped me rewire my brain about a deep ingrained belief. Jenny is so good with her words in her scripts. Although the program was intended for anyone to use, I felt that the verbiage she uses in her videos seem to be tailored to just my needs. I felt heard which is very important in letting go of the resistance that pops up while consciously changing a habit. The other awesome part of this program is that it’s set up in such a way that the program can be used over and over to change one bad habit to the next. Thank you Jenny.

Tina BQ Tran, Owner of Quintessential Energy Focus

 My experience was that, after about Day 5, every time I found myself wanting to slip up I became aware that I was about to and was able to make a conscious decision not to go ahead; previously, the habit was so ingrained that even when I tried to quit, I would find myself actually doing it and would then think, "oh well, I guess I failed again!"... and would carry on. The tapping seemed to trigger this awareness, and I've found it pretty easy to give up, as a result.

Lucy Rinaldi, Financial Advisor

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