Tapping into Wealth Group Program

Business resistance
Are you stuck financially? Are you feeling worried and stressed out? Are you struggling to make money easily and joyfully?

It's not your fault!!!

What if I told you that you're carrying hidden programming that is specifically blocking your money and your wealth, and literally setting the level of your income, your savings, and the amount of debt that you have in your life? Would you want to uncover that?

6 week Tapping into Wealth Group Program

If you love the energy of a small, intimate group - being able to learn, share and benefit from others in a similar place - you're in the right place!
Join me for a 6 week, online, group program to uncover and clear the limiting beliefs, patterns and internal obstacles that are getting in your way so that you can speed up the process to success!

6 weekly, 60 minute, group calls, with handouts, recordings, exercises, other homework etc
Private Facebook group 

In our sessions we'll cover:

Money Map
Your Confidential Money Map

The different areas of your money and how each one plays out in your life (the Mind-Body-Money connection running your nervous system) and learn EFT Tapping to start clearing and rewiring how you operate in your money.

Family paradigm
Your Family Paradigm and Unconscious Vows

Do you play small in your money or go through a continual, frustrating 'boom and bust' cycle - making money and then losing it all again?
Discover where these unhelpful patterns and beliefs come from and what is really driving you at a subconscious level to break the pattern and create real wealth.

Goal setting
The Outrageous Goals Process

Do you hate setting goals because they seem impossible anyway and make you feel awful? Find out what the real benefits of Outrageous Goals are and follow a step by step process for creating your meaningful financial goal which will inspire and motivate you.

And whatever else comes up for you and the other members of the group as we explore your money paradigm together.

''I have to give a shout-out to Jenny Clift. I did a tapping (EFT) course with her late spring/early summer which helped me learn how to work through various blocks I have when it comes to my finances. She opened my eyes to ways I was approaching money that I didn't even realize were getting in my way. She is so supportive and I absolutely loved our sessions.''

Nicole Keepers, Yoga Instructor, Owner of Shanti Yoga, Madrid

Contact me to find out about group options, dates, payment plans etc.
Email me at jenny@jennyclift.com or use the button to set up a time and let's talk.


Where is the course held?
We meet on Zoom (like Skype but group-friendly - you can download the app for free if you don't already have it.) I will give you the link in advance of the calls.

How often are the sessions and how long do they last?
The 6 sessions are once a week. Each one is an hour long, but allow an extra 15-20 minutes for over-run time. 🙂

What if I can't make one of the calls?
I will record each session for everyone to keep and re-listen, or listen to if they couldn't make the call.

What will we cover in the sessions?
We will cover 'Your Confidential Money Map', 'Your Early Money Paradigm' and 'Creating Your Outrageous Goals'. And many other things will come up, such as certain 'vows' (invisibility, not deserving, loyalty, rebellion, playing small), 'traumas' (eg goal trauma, financial trauma) as well as individual and collective beliefs.

I have an OK income but realized it's been the same for the last 3 years. Is this course right for me?
Yes. We can hit resistance to breaking through our financial 'glass ceiling' and not even know why or how to fix it. We'll explore and clear the underlying blocks which keep us stuck and frustrated in our money.

What techniques or modalities will we use in the course?
We will use EFT tapping as well as other processes (visualization, guided meditation, energy techniques, eye movement techniques, etc) to clear as many blocks and limiting beliefs that we can around money.

Will there be homework?
I will help you to form your own tapping habit, encouraging you to tap between the calls - sending you handouts and homework where appropriate.

Is there somewhere I can connect with the course participants?
There will be a private Facebook group, just for the members of this group program. This will be a place for ACES!: Accountability, Celebration, Encouragement and Support.

This money stuff is sensitive. How can I protect my privacy in a group?
Confidentiality is a MUST within the group. What we talk about and tap on in the calls and in the Facebook group, stays there - that way we know that we can be open and honest with ourselves without fear. Also, it is not necessary to say everything out loud while you are tapping. Things clear even when they stay in the privacy of our own minds.

Even so, I think I'd prefer to do the course individually. Is that an option? How about a combination of the two?
Absolutely. Working one to one allows us to go in really deep and clear thoughts, beliefs, old stories, memories and unhelpful patterns....allowing you to move forward quickly and joyfully. Check out the options  here.

How much does the whole course cost and when do I have to pay? Contact me - by email at jenny@jennyclift.com or set up a time which works for you via the button below - and let's talk about group options, payment plans, dates etc.

I have more questions. How can I contact Jenny?
Email me at jenny@jennyclift.com and I will reply ASAP.
Or simply schedule a time and let's chat. 🙂

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