There are times in our lives when we could do with some outside help and a new way of solving things.


Are you looking for a certified, experienced practitioner to work on a specific, urgent, painful problem or situation, and get some instant – and lasting – relief?

This could be showing up as panic attacks, sleeping difficulties, anger management, procrastination, emotional eating, worry, grief and other physical issues.

Do you want to feel much, MUCH better and freer to make the choices that feel right for you?

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that working with Jenny has given me my life back.”


Chris W. Financial Advisor      (See below for full story.)

Online EFT Tapping sessions, 1 to 1 with me, Jenny Clift.


If you going through a particular crisis, specific problem, challenge, fear or area in your life, this package is specifically designed with you in mind.


This could be in your business, your relationships, your life purpose, your health, an accident or past traumatic event… or whatever else is coming up right now for you that is causing you distress or holding you back in any way.


Following our coaching you can expect relief, clearing, support and transformation around a particular situation, event or circumstance. Here my EFT Tapping and Energy Psychology Coaching training will really come into its own so that you feel better fast.


At the end of the sessions I will send you the recording of our call, may set relevant homework and mini-challenges for you to really enhance the value of our work together, and will be available for support and accountability via email.


How this works:

We will start the process with a complimentary initial clarity call.

In this 45 minute, no-strings-attached call, we will:

  • Discuss what is bothering you right now
  • Discuss how EFT tapping works & how it can help you
    And I will:
  • Give you my best recommendation for your strategy (& estimate the number of sessions required)
    If it feels like a good fit for us both I’ll:
  • Set up our first tapping session
  • Send you the recording of the call for you to relisten to


Payment plans:

Following the free initial call, sessions (60 minutes) are:

1 Session: 95€ (≈108USD)

3 Sessions: 255€ (≈292USD)

Block of 4 sessions: 320€ (≈366USD)     (Further sessions at this price.)

Get Out of a Crisis Coaching

I must admit, I was sceptical about EFT tapping and how it might help me. Even after being introduced to Jenny at a networking event and discussing it in detail I still wasn’t converted.


Following an extremely traumatic family event four years ago, I was finding various aspects of my life extremely stressful. In particular driving was becoming a problem, the anxiety that built up at times was terrifying and I found myself avoiding meetings in certain locations and at certain times of the day. This was making my professional life very difficult.


After some months a close friend suggested working with Jenny and after giving it some thought I felt I had nothing to lose.


After just one session  I found I was able to drive into work without the usual panic and anxiety, It hadn’t gone completely but it was a totally different experience. I started setting myself ‘challenges’ like driving at rush hour through and across the city, deliberately booking meetings to put myself in the “stressful situation”. This was combined with further sessions around this issue which resulted in now not even thinking about the stress or anxiety. Occasionally the anxiety tries to fight through but using the techniques Jenny taught me allows me to keep it under control.


In subsequent sessions Jenny guided me to release the heavy emotions I was still holding around the “family event”, and it isn’t an exaggeration to say that working with Jenny has given me my life back.


I’m still not sure how, but EFT tapping – and coaching with Jenny – works!


Chris W. Financial Advisor.

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