Day 1 100,000 Dollar Artist Workshop (2)

'Oh my god that was amazing today, and we haven't even started tapping! I've already made some big and deep connections.'
Kate Reddish, Violist & Founder, KMR Creative

Day 2 100,000 Dollar Artist Workshop (2)

'It was another amazing workshop and opportunity to benefit from your coaching and clearing.' 😍
Cara Chowning, Pianist & Educator

Day 3 100,000 Dollar Artist Workshop (2)

'This seminar has been such a blessing. It's definitely one you need to repeat!!!'
RBD, Musician, educator & arts administrator


Do you suspect that you unconsciously limit your wealth - your income, your sources of money, your savings - even how much you dare to dream of?

Let's face it, most of us do.

We have a 'glass ceiling' which limits our money. It's been programmed into us since birth (maybe even before!) and it gets in the way of us making more, saving more and feeling good about ourselves.

And there's even more bad news! As Artists, we have a special set of limiting beliefs (the 'Starving Artist Syndrome', 'Can't make money doing what I love', 'There's no money in the Arts' etc) which block our wealth even further.

So how do we access - and change - these hidden beliefs and blocks which are creating this ceiling?


Introducing my 3 step Wealthy Artist Process:
1. Money Clarity -->  2. Mindset Clearing -->  3. Wealth Creating



''Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Action leads to results.''

- T. Harv Eker


Therefore, changing our thoughts leads to changing our results (with a little time-lag for the physical world to catch up.)


Here are some of the results that I, and my clients, have seen as they upgrade their money mindset:

  • Increased ability to ask for (and receive) more money.
  • Embracing and tracking money, instead of avoiding it.
  • Money management, leading to peace of mind and wealth growth.
  • Feeling of self-worth and recognizing the value of our unique contribution.
  • Finally able to stop the worrying and start enjoying money.

And here's what Artists say after tapping on their money blocks with me:

“I got straight on the phone and signed my prospect up at the new price!

Jenny did a group session around money in a program I was participating in, and I was lucky enough to work with her on a situation that was holding me back – presenting my new prices to a potential client. I was feeling really stuck and frustrated.

After the call with Jenny, where we tapped on money and self-worth, I got straight on the phone to my prospect and signed her up at the new price – I was thrilled!

Somehow clearing the limiting beliefs and the energy that I had around money made it easy to show up in a bigger way.

Sarah Funk, Soprano & Self-Love Coach 

💰     💰     💰     💰     💰

I joined Jenny's program (Fast Track to Fame Spring 2021) hoping to do more work around my money blocks.

It was a wonderful program! I was in it "for the money" LOL! So I focused on that and it was very helpful! 

I loved group tapping on the calls! I like Jenny and I like tapping! 🙂


Alexandra Gardner
Composer, audio producer, digital media creator, educator.

💰     💰     💰     💰     💰

"I'm so grateful I worked with Jenny and a world has opened up for me through tapping with her. SUCH powerful work!

At the perfect moment, Jenny offered a 3-session tapping program to focus directly on a need I had RIGHT now - MONEY worries during the Coronavirus.

Jenny is so thorough in preparation for each session - giving you a lot to think about and bring up so that each session brings maximum results. Then because of this pre-prep work, the sessions allowed me release so many negative beliefs around money and earning right now.

After going through this program I really see so much potential and opportunity - things I literally couldn't see before this program. It was a way for me to go inward and really get things that were hidden (even from MYSELF!) out and replace them with positive, reinforced beliefs that I CAN create and expand even when the world feels like it's falling in on us."

Tracy Friedlander
French Horn player; owner of Crushing Classical Podcast and Audience building & Visibility Coach for musicians 

💰     💰     💰     💰     💰

A fantastic program! The energy created by the group is top notch, and Jenny knows just how to frame things to create big internal shifts!

Julia Radosz
Soprano & Founder of Voice With Julia.

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This is what's waiting for you in the Workshop:

3 Exclusive Live Online Group Sessions (via Zoom)*


Day 1 - Your Confidential Money Map Discover and understand the Mind-Body-Money Connection that dictates your wealth.

Day 2 - Break the Glass Ceiling Use EFT Tapping to bust through your limits.

Day 3 - The 100,000 Dollar Creative Create your Wealth Vision and tap into 6 figures.

*All the sessions will be recorded and the replays available to you forever.

Your investment*:
$147 (≈124€)

*100% redeemable if you sign up for my future group programs!

YES! I want to be there!!


  • Discover the different areas of your money and the way they impact your emotions and even your life.
    (Your Confidential Money Map Workshop. $250 value)
  • Clear the beliefs, emotions and blocks that keep your money glass ceiling low.
    (Change Your Money Mindset with EFT Workshop. $250 value)
  • Create a 100,000 Dollar Vision and your personal Wealth Pact.
    (The 100,000 Artist Creative Workshop. $250 value)
  • Learn a cutting-edge technique - EFT Tapping - and how you can use it to change your wealth picture. (Invaluable!)
  • Take away:
    💰 Your Confidential Money Map
    💰 Tapping Scripts for Wealth ($47 value)
    💰 How to Tap on Your Own PDF ($27 value)
    💰 Your Wealth Creation Pact ($27 value)
    💰 49 Things to Say When You Tap on Money PDF ($27 value)
    💰 Recordings of all the sessions ($97 value)
  • Total value: $975 (But don't worry - you won't pay all that!!) ⬇️

Hi! My name is Jenny Clift.

I'm a professional violinist and EFT Coach.

I am passionate about helping musicians & stage performers to discover the freedom to live the life they love, achieve their personal  goals, and transform their lives.

My secret weapon is EFT, or 'Tapping', a Mind-Body-Emotion-Energy technique which is becoming more and more mainstream as people discover the power of this life-changing modality.

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a simple, effective, scientifically-proven process.

About Jenny

Also known as 'tapping', EFT has been described as ‘acupuncture without the needles’ (instead you tap with your fingers on key meridian points on the body). It reduces stress hormones and clears emotional and energetic blocks, producing remarkable, durable results in many areas – from addictions, phobias, PTSD, pain and disease, to removing or alleviating negative emotions and implementing positive goals.

I first used EFT, or tapping, back in 2011 as a professional  violinist,  to increase and enhance my on-stage experience, but quickly realised it was transforming all areas of my life.

I went on to become certified as an Energy Psychology Coach and then trained as a Tapping into Wealth Coach.

Now I work online with Musicians, Stage Artists and Creatives - working both with groups and individuals - to help them move forward into the most successful & joyful version of themselves. 



Day 1 100,000 Dollar Artist Workshop (2)
Day 2 100,000 Dollar Artist Workshop (2)
Day 3 100,000 Dollar Artist Workshop (2)

Your investment*:
Your investment*:
$147 (≈124€)

* 100% redeemable if you sign up for my upcoming group program!


Yes, I'm in! 


Got extra money stuff you want to work on with me 1 to 1?
Check out the FAQs below for information about my special individual upgrade package.


Q: Do I need to have EFT Tapping experience to attend the workshop?
A: Nope, none necessary. I will give a quick recap of the tapping points before we start tapping and answer any questions you may have. This is MUCH easier than playing an instrument!!

Q: What if I can't attend one (or all) of the sessions? 
A: Don't worry at all. I will be recording all of the sessions and will make the replays available to you - they are yours forever! And you'll get all of the resources of course.

Q: Where do the sessions take place?
A: Online, by Zoom, Friday Oct 1st to Sunday Oct 3rd. I will share the link with you up front.

Q: What's 2-3.30pm EST in my time zone?
A: 11-12.30pm PST, 7-8.30pm UK time, 8-9.30pm CET. Or use this handy time zone converter.

Q: Money's such a sensitive subject. What about confidentiality?
A: Good question! Although I will be encouraging you to share your feelings and even experiences, the beauty of tapping is that you don't need to say anything out loud and you'll still get all the benefits of reducing stress, clearing past issues and changing your money mindset. PLUS, I will remind everyone on the calls that it is a safe space, and not to repeat anything they hear outside the sessions.

Q: I know someone who would love this workshop! Can I share this page with them? 
A: Of course! Let me know when you want to register and I will send you BOTH a 50% discount link!!

Q: I know I have lots of stuff to work on around money. Is there any way I could work with you individually?
A: Yes! I am offering a special upgrade package - a #free30minute session and then 3 full sessions with me (as well as the whole group workshop) for just $830. Email me and let's talk and tap!

Q: What I if have extra questions about the workshop?
A: Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Sign up below and I will be in touch!