8 sessions to get your business into financial shape

Course objectives :

Boost your confidence and help you grow your business by providing knowledge, practising financial skills, and understanding and clearing the mental resistance that stops you from using these to your benefit.

Course presenters:

Lena Perepelova - Financial Life Skills Fitness






Jenny Clift - Financial Mindset Transformation


Lena Perepelova of FunFinance Academy


Jenny Clift of

✅Who the course is for:

- Small business owners and Start-Ups
- Professionals with limited business education
- Anyone considering entrepreneurship or solopreneurship


✅What makes this course unique:

Our attitude to money is programmed deep inside us. Our personality and past experiences affect our rational thinking and decision making.
So we can take a course or read a book...and never use the information which might change our lives.
A good course should not only teach the concepts, but help the participants understand their mental and emotional blocks and discover the ways to surpass them.


Starting with an introductory session on February 15th, this 4 month course will continue with 8 bi-weekly Friday sessions (Each of 1hr):

4 sessions of Financial Life Skills Fitness with Lena Perepelova.
4 sessions of Financial Mindset Transformation with Jenny Clift.


15 February 2019, 2pm CET
Introductory session (On Zoom).

22 February 2019, 2pm CET:
1. Financial Warm-Up:
Financial statements and objectives for different stages of growth.

8 March 2019, 2pm CET:
2. Belief & Possibility Shifts - Setting big goals.
Identifying and clearing resistance to business objectives.

22 March 2019, 2pm CET:
3. Financial Work-Out: Learning key concepts.
Assets, costs, profit and cash. Building a cash-flow statement.

5 April 2019, 2pm CET:
4. Healing shifts : Uncover & Heal Past Roots.
Your Family Paradigm, Why we resist Financial terms and tools.

19 April 2019, 2pm CET:
5. Financial Heavy-Weight Lifting:
Financing our business. Debt - why is it good for business?
Understanding debt instruments, learning about equity partners.

3 May 2019, 2pm CET:
6. Empowerment Shifts: The hidden agendas in your money.
Financing our Business – fears and doubts.

17 May 2019, 2pm CET:
7. Financial Stretch and Strengthen:
Financial Tools in Decision Making, Behavioural Economics.

31 May 2019, 2pm CET:
8. Action and Up-leveling Shifts
Retrain your brain to celebrate progress.
Understanding Backlash.

Each session will provide home assignments which will be reviewed.

Each session will reserve time for Q&A.

Sessions will be organized on Zoom, participants will have access to recordings.

We will invite you into the private Facebook group where you can connect with us and the other members of the program, ask general questions, cheer each other on and access resources and inspiration.


Price: 160€ for 8 sessions (prepayment), or 87€ (before 15/2/19) and 87€ (before 5/4/19). Payment by bizum to 629709233 or

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