What stands between you and more success, wealth and happiness?

Does this sound like you?

  • 'I want to tap because I know it's helpful... but I just forget!'
  • 'I find tapping more effective when I work with someone else.'
  • 'When I know I have a session coming up it helps me to focus on the things I want to clear.'
  • I feel comfortable knowing that I have the choice to tell my story and appear on camera, or even stay off camera and privately address my goals without having to share the intimate details.’
  • 'I love working in a group because I realise that I'm not alone, other people are going through the same stuff, and have the same doubts and fears.'
  • 'There's something magical about the energy in a group.'

And the elephant in the room:

  • 'I really want to work with you but I just can't afford private sessions right now.'

Why a monthly membership?

As a violinist I know that I can't tune up my violin once and be done! It has to be adjusted regularly to be performing at peak level!

The same is true for your emotional and energetic state - and these meetings every two weeks, plus the resources and support in-between, will allow you to show up at your best every single day.

So, if you’re stuck, need a place to start, or a regular boost – this is for you.

You can look on this as your regular emotional and energetic tune-up for less stress and more success.

We are starting with limited spots so sign up early, come along, bring your baggage and get ready to tap!


Here's what you get:

  • Twice monthly live Tapping sessions via Zoom with Jenny to heal and clear whatever's stopping you right now
    Think of this as your regular emotional and energetic tune-up! So bring along whatever you want to tap on - professional, personal, anything that's bothering you and you want to clear.
    As an active member you'll have access to the Audio recording of all the calls so you can (re)listen and tap again.
    See 'Confidentiality' below.
  • 10 minute 'Booster' session to stay up to date and relisten for faster change
    No time to listen to the whole thing? Get the Key Takeaways from the weekly call here!
  • Weekly Tapping & Journaling prompts to accelerate your success in-between calls related to topics & issues covered 
  • Free access to my online video library to cover different topics in depth (21 Days of Tapping series; Break the Glass Ceiling; 100K Musician Workshop; Break Through Your Limitations Workshop) as well as access to future video programs.)
  • My book ‘The Music Inside’ for my story and practical 'inner game' resources PDF + EFT Tapping resources, the audio of the book (read by me!), handouts etc.


Zoom links for live calls are sent out the day of.

Live Calls are twice monthly in the NYC time zone:
1st Tuesday of the month, 1pm to 2.30pm 
3rd Wednesday of the month, 10am to 11.30am
Calls last for 1.5 hours.

Times Around the World:
Los Angeles, California - 1st Tuesday -10am; 3rd Wednesday - 7am
Chicago, Illinois - 1st Tuesday - 12pm, 3rd Wednesday 9am
London, England - 1st Tuesday - 6pm; 3rd Wednesday 3pm
Madrid, Spain - 1st Tuesday - 7pm; 3rd Wednesday - 4pm


Join now at the special Founder Rate of just $75 per month.


- I'll make sure the group is a place where you are comfortable opening up. You can keep your camera on or off, display your name, or not... it's all up to you
- Audio Recordings (past and present) are available only to current members.
- I ask that you don't repeat what you hear in the group outside of the group, to allow a safe space for people to be able to share - and clear - their stuff!


Your next step... 

Get all of the above for just $75

  • 2 Monthly Meetings
  • Booster Session (10-minute)
  • Archive Library

Do you have a bigger goal and would love some personalized attention to clear your blocks and resistance even sooner? Choose this option.

Get started for just $300

  • Everything in the Other PLUS
  • Customized 1:1 Session to Kick Off (60-90 minutes)
  • ($75 /month after)

'Thank you again for teaching in 6FME this summer! I know the participants really loved working with you - your session got very positive reviews in the survey! I can tell you that on the "rate each element" scale, your sessions ranked very very high :)'
Jennifer Rosenfeld - Business Coach for Musicians & Creatives, September 2022.


2022/2023 TUESDAY 1pmET
DECEMBER 6th 21st
JANUARY 3rd 18th
FEBRUARY 7th 15th